September 27, 2021

Construction startup Shareplant issues 14-day ‘paper-free challenge’ for construction businesses

Shareplant – the UK-first company bringing the sharing economy to construction plant and tool hire – has challenged construction site managers to do away with paper-based forms, launching a free 14-day trial of its newly-expanded paperless software suite, Shareplant Toolbox, accompanied by a free one-on-one consultation to help to seamlessly do away with old-fashioned site-management tools still in use.

Mark Watters, founder of Shareplant

Mark Watters, founder of Shareplant, said: “Not so long ago, it was considered normal to compile – just as one example we’ve seen – safety feedback from multiple sites on hundreds and hundreds of little cardboard slips, which sat in boxes until someone spent hours punching that data into Excel one row at a time. Today, that should seem absurd, but things just like it still go on all the time. The construction industry can be a little old-fashioned at times but with a new generation coming through, everyone is opening up to smart ways of managing admin workload to save time and money.”

The Toolbox, now with an expanded feature list, provides its customers with a single place to manage multiple aspects of their construction business from their tablet, smartphone or web browser. Tools are available to manage timebooking, real-time site safety reports, equipment inspections, maintenance and defects and workforce training and administration – and the feature list has expanded to include submitting and managing technical queries, handling customer feedback, and assigning and tracking actions and tasks for workers on a project.

With real-time data stored in one place and available between multiple users in different locations, Shareplant Toolbox makes compliance effortless, freeing up time and resources normally spent on administrative tasks and giving site managers a clear picture so they can focus on spotting patterns and insights in their data, discovering new ways to improve safety and efficiency.

The Shareplant Toolbox is available nation-wide and complements Shareplant Marketplace, the startup’s constantly-expanding plant hire service which currently covers locations including Birmingham, London, Newcastle, Manchester – and Shareplant’s home county of Cumbria.

For more information or to register for a trial and consultation, please visit