September 27, 2021

MachineMax launches simple, easy-to-use Savings Calculator to help construction companies save millions on machine rental costs

MachineMax, the global provider of innovative software designed to maximise the productivity and profitability of off-highway machinery, has launched a new online calculator aimed at helping construction companies save millions of pounds on machine rental costs. 

The tool, which takes just two minutes to complete, is based on data that considers the types of machines users are looking to save money on, fleet size and the hourly rate of an operator to calculate the figure. 

The cost assumptions are modelled based on data collected from customers or industry standards. 

For instance, companies could save up to one million pounds a year if they have around 27 heavy equipment machines idling for 1,000 hours PA (recognised industry standard) where idling costs are estimated at £38,000 each.

MachineMax’s savings calculator also has an advanced savings option, giving users more accurate results based on actual site costs including maintenance and fuel.

Jennifer Thomson, Business Strategy Manager at MachineMax, said: “This calculator is an excellent tool to highlight how much a company can save by decreasing equipment idle time. 

“On a construction site, some idle time cannot be completely avoided however it may be an indicator of an underlying bottleneck or site inefficiencies which can be resolved. Either way, equipment tends to be idle more than necessary.

“Idle time results in unnecessary direct operating costs as the machine is still running, consuming fuel, contributing towards emissions all whilst under the control of the operator, all of which have an associated cost. 

“There is also, indirect operating costs associated with idling, as the engine is running there is unnecessary wear on components, hourly based maintenance occurs more frequently than necessary including premature filter and fluid changes and warranty hours are used over a shorter period.

“Furthermore, if the machine is idling then by implication it is not being productive causing project delays jeopardising an on-time completion.

“The calculator is looking to highlight the direct and indirect cost savings from cutting down idle time.

“The numbers are significant, and this is not accounting for increased productivity resulting from improved equipment output.”

Jennifer adds: “The calculator is easy to use and predominately aimed at helping the end-users and owners of the equipment.

“All you have to do is answer a few simple questions to find out how much can be saved.

“For instance, if you are a construction company who uses mobile equipment with a fleet size of 25, and the average cost of an operator is 15 pounds an hour you could save almost half a million pounds a year.” 

An example calculation

Click here to use the calculator.