September 26, 2021

TENZ from A. Perry to revolutionise working with wood

Launched at the start of the month to coincide with UK Construction Week (5th – 9th October), A. Perry‘s latest innovation, TENZ FROM PERRY, is already shaking up the wood screw market. 

With its patented TENZ Stairs Thread Technology, TENZ FROM PERRY has been in development for over a year. In an exclusive agreement with TENZ, this technology has made its debut to the UK market with a raft of awards and accreditations to its name already, making it the most awarded wood screw available in the world.

Steve Perry, Head of Marketing at A. Perry, said: “This is a huge coup for us and we know it is going to be a market leading product. Developed for projects demanding the highest of standards, the key point of difference between conventional wood screws and the new TENZ wood screw is the revolutionary new thread design. TENZ reduces the friction along the thread making work more efficient. The wood fibres are gently displaced and not drilled or milled which uses less energy force thanks to the oscillating screw.” 

Perfect for use on both hard and soft wood, TENZ offers an unrivalled grip, fixing and overall drive performance ability. Reduced energy needs means that capacity is used as efficiently as possible and even extends the tool life when using a battery powered drill. Reduced energy levels from using TENZ of up to 50% means more screws can be fixed which maximises the battery life. Through low screwing torque, TENZ utilises any cordless screwdriver’s entire battery performance making it a more economically viable choice for those in the industry.

With TENZ no pre-drilling is required, which effectively cuts out an entire work step, trimming down the time and energy required. In addition to the energy saving gained with no drilling and no milling, the displacement of the wood fibres by the Stairs Thread Technology also means the screw optimally bonds with the wood. Over time, that bond becomes more secure too giving life longevity to the construction project.

The new technology also brings health benefits to the user too as it requires minimal physical effort when screwing the wood. The hardened steel thread ensures maximum output with minimum effort giving welcome relief to the DIY’ers as well as professionals as fatigue is reduced and the strain on joints is minimised. With arthritis a common ailment to those in construction, TENZ could have a positive impact on those individuals who suffer; which in turn reduces time off they would otherwise be forced to take from their job or self-employment.

Launching in the UK now exclusively with A. Perry, the multi award-winning TENZ wood screw also boasts a ‘Red Dot’ award in recognition of the unrivalled design technology.  The Red Dot accreditation is a mark of distinction given internationally as one of the most sought-after seals of quality for good design.

Available to pre-order now, TENZ FROM PERRY will be available in eco-friendly plastic free packaging.

For more information visit or call the office on 01384 414001.