December 11, 2023

Roseview Windows – Built on experience

With over 45 years’ operation under its belt, Roseview Windows has accumulated a wealth of experience manufacturing sash windows, particularly after it became the first company in the UK to specialise in the production of uPVC sash windows in 1985. This flair for innovation has continued ever since, as was recently demonstrated when it released a brand new range of woodgrain foils in a number popular colours.

“Over time we noticed our customers tended to have their windows sprayed a select number of colours, so we wanted to offer more choice as standard options. We’ve therefore invested in our own foiling facility to allow the most popular choices to be turned around much quicker,” explains Keane Grantham, Marketing Manager. “As a result, lead times and costs have been significantly reduced compared to sprayed colours.

“In addition, we’ve recently released seahorse sash horn, which uses a design common to original timber sash windows, but which previously couldn’t be achieved in uPVC. The curved profile of our sash horn, dubbed Seahorse because of its shape, was made possible by our investment in the cutting-edge technology already in use on our award-winning Ultimate Rose sash window. We’ve also created a new product called Chamber Cover, which goes inside the chambers on the left and right side of the window to cover them up.”

This desire for continual improvement to its offering has been the hallmark of Roseview Windows since its creation in 1977. Today, the company has over 150 employees spread across its head office and its three factories located in Olney in Buckinghamshire.

“We’re constantly recruiting new members of staff, whether it’s adding to the sales team, the operations department or within our factories,” adds Mr Grantham. “Covid had a huge impact on us. Our weekly production of windows went from 400 up to 800-900 windows. Again, we were quick to invest heavily in our people and our facilities, including the implementation of an automated system that allows full tracking throughout the factory and warehouse.

“Our products are of a very high standard, and we offer the most authentic alternative sash windows on the market. When you see them in person, you wouldn’t be able to tell that they were uPVC rather than wood.

“In terms of their demographic, the majority of our customers are at the higher end of the wealth spectrum, so they’ve got the money to spend on their properties, whether they’re vintage or contemporary.”

By offering a very high-end product, Roseview Windows has been able to attract high-end customers. However, it is also able to offer more budget friendly alternatives without compromising on the quality, something that the company takes great pride in.

“Without a doubt the quality of our windows and their high performance is our main selling point,” outlines Mr Grantham. “At the same time, we’ve been striving to shorten our ability to turnaround products for our customers through investment in our factories and scheduling.”

By focusing on quality and the service it provides to customers, Roseview Windows has been able to consistently drive sales upward. Despite this positivity, however, the company hasn’t been immune to the challenges facing so many manufacturers in the construction industry.

“The forthcoming implementation of the Future Home Standard, which aims to improve sustainability within the built environment, will involve a number of issues for us to deal with. We’re working heavily on meeting the targets that are being set. More generally, we’ve been less affected by the rise in materials prices, as we’ve got a very well-established supply chain and have worked closely with our suppliers.”

Moving forward, Roseview Window’s aim is to overcome any further challenges that come its way, as it strives to maintain its momentum. “Our main objective is to grow further as a company, while continuing to develop our range of premium sash windows via innovation to ensure our offering is the best available in the marketplace,” concludes Mr Grantham. “We not only want to be the best in terms of energy efficiency in-line with the Future Home Standard, but also have the most aesthetically pleasing products too.” This forward-thinking approach has served Roseview Windows well over the past 45-plus years and is sure to continue to be a winning formula in the months and years ahead too.