September 27, 2021

ProQuant Estimating LTD launches the UK’s first residential construction carbon calculator tool & service

ProQuant Estimating – the UK’s leading residential estimating service – has developed and launched the UK’s first ever climate positive carbon offsetting residential estimation tool.

This unique tool will now be used, at no additional cost, as standard practice within ProQuant’s estimating documents for their customer base, including some 10,000 + builders, self-builders, architects and merchants. 

As a part of this industry, and a forward-thinking company, ProQuant was compelled to act upon discovering the construction industry as a whole is responsible for 38% of global carbon emissions. ProQuant set about designing this service to provide accessible & affordable climate positivity within the residential building trade, for both builders and clients.

(L-R) Oliver Wilcox – Co-founder & Estimating Director; Donald Campbell – Co founder & Managing Director; Matthew Harrington – Advertising & PR Director; Grant Lithgow – Co-founder & Marketing Director

In doing so, ProQuant aims to provide builders and architects with a positive new offer to take to their customers. This simple and precise tool will enable them to create climate positive building projects such as extensions or new builds, helping to make a real contribution to addressing this alarming statistic.

As well as helping the nation’s builders, architects and merchants to raise awareness, the tool also incentivises and simplifies a climate-conscious approach for customers, helping them to ensure that their own businesses are operating climate positively. 

As an example, a typical extension produces 20 tonnes of embodied carbon. To create a climate positive build, such as by planting additional trees on top of the minimum amount required for carbon neutrality, a climate contribution of approximately £90 is required, equating to circa 0.5% of the total contract price.

The feedback ProQuant have collected from recent uptake of this service shows this cost is deemed appropriate, and is therefore highly appealing to customers. 

The embodied carbon emissions are totally relative to the size of the project, and the climate positive contribution reflects this due to the accuracy of the calculator.

ProQuant’s mission is twofold: (a) Continuing to innovate, and in doing so offering the building industry the best possible tools to win their tenders, then manage their builds efficiently and effectively. (b) By encouraging key industry players to take responsibility for their own carbon impact, they seek to create change and inspire the residential building industry to be at the forefront of climate positivity.

Donald Campbell, Managing Director ProQuant Estimating, said: “At ProQuant, we are delighted to launch our calculator. As we have learnt from speaking regularly with our customers, this is the kind of positive change they seek, and they too recognise how important it is for the future of this industry their businesses & society.

“The calculator is a real first for the trade as it calculates the exact tonnage of embodied carbon emissions for each build project, ensuring our customer have total confidence when delivering their climate positive builds. From architects to builders and merchants, each and every one of our core customer base has access to the tool at zero cost, giving them the opportunity to win new business via promoting their own climate positive credentials, operating as responsible climate positive builders.

“We are all working as an extended family tree to make a real difference.”

Oliver Wilcox, Director ProQuant Estimating, added: “Many customers have already benefitted from actioning the tool with their customers. For example, John Newland-Jenner, Managing Director, JNJ Building Solutions Ltd, has already used our calculator with his clients and his own business.

Mr Newland-Jenner said: “This innovative move by ProQuant Estimators has not only blown me away as an individual but is very appealing to our prospective and current clients. If they choose us for their project, we promise to plant trees to offset the carbon footprint of their project which sets us apart as a business. But the most important thing is, that because of ProQuant Estimators forethought, my company is having a real impact on the world. We have signed up, offset the carbon footprint of all of our office staff and are really excited about the forests we will grow together and becoming a carbon neutral business.”

Fulfilment of carbon offsetting and tree planting is delivered by ProQuant’s exclusive climate positivity partner, Ecologi. 

More details on Ecologi can be found here