December 1, 2021

Latest Constructive Voices podcast looking at understanding mixed reality and its commercial uses now available

In episode 8, which launches today (20th July) of the Constructive Voices podcast, architect, James Lee Burgess, explains what Mixed Reality is in an accessible way.

James, who is a leading advocate for Mixed Reality, along with mentoring, collaboration and sustainability, also covers the Microsoft HoloLens and Trimble Connect.

Listeners will receive a unique insight into Mixed Reality and get to understand how it is different from Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. James will also be explaining how MR can be applied effectively in a commercial setting.

The Mixed Reality interview is followed by Constructive Voices’ man on the ground, Pete Finn, Ireland’s favourite TV builder, who will be discussing one of the biggest challenges of the moment: the rising costs of materials.

Listen to the latest episode below:

This episode of Constructive Voices is sponsored by Viewpoint, a Trimble Company.