December 6, 2021

Metsec Lattice Beams changes name to MLB Steel to reflect growing portfolio

The UK’s leading fabricator of premium light weight lattice beams, has announced that it has changed its name from Metsec Lattice Beams Ltd to MLB Steel Ltd. The name change reflects the company’s growing portfolio of structural steel, and its expertise in design, fabrication and installation.

The change of name follows the private acquisition of Metsec Lattice Beams Ltd earlier this year by Chad Ward, Managing Director of MLB Steel Ltd and also COBI Global Ltd, an importer and stock holder of prime and non-prime steel products.

MLB Steel has significant growth plans; since the acquisition and name change, the company has also rebranded to communicate its vast capabilities.

In preparation for growth, the company has invested in new technology, skills and logistics, along with maintaining the highest standards in quality and health and safety, recognised with CE (Execution Class 3) certification and CHAS accreditation.

“Whilst our company is well known for the design and manufacture of lattice beams, the name Metsec Lattice Beams failed to communicate the full extent of our capabilities and experience,” said Chad Ward. “Since the company became privately owned some eight years ago it has provided full design, manufacture and installation services for the complete building envelope so the need to evolve was essential”.

Mr Ward continued: “Our new name – MLB Steel Ltd – and the investments we’re making in the business, allows us to provide a total steel fabrication service to our customers. Whether it be a portal frame or lattice solution, we can offer both hot and cold rolled solutions with an emphasis is on reducing costs both in-house and to the customer or end-user.”

The Metsec Lattice Beam

The Metsec lattice beam design was first introduced in the 1950’s by Metsec. Its unique design and strength led to it becoming quickly established as a leading choice of structurally sound, cost-effective steel beam design for construction. The intellectual property rights for the design allow MLB Steel to continue to develop and fabricate the design in line with regulation changes and advances in building technology and new architectural styles.

One of the most unique benefits of the lattice beam is its ability to span distances of over 40 metres, without the need for intermediate support columns.  Plus, a typical lattice beam can weigh up to 50% less than its hot rolled counterpart.

In addition to its range of structural steel trusses and joists, MLB Steel also supply hot rolled structural steel, decking systems, pipe bridges and building envelope solutions, along with a full design and installation service.

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