March 2, 2021

Lucideon releases new test specification guide for Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) in load bearing wall panels

Lucideon, the international materials development and commercialization organization, has published a free guide for manufacturers who are looking to test their Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs).

SIPs can be used in floors, walls and roofs, and as an infill panel in framed construction. SIP system designs encompass a wide variety of sheathing boards which can incorporate timber, lightweight steel or hot rolled steel sections and differing methods of joining the panels.

At present, there is no European or British standard test specification or test methods for SIP systems. As a result, Lucideon published the SIPs guide to provide a standardized test program to ensure that there is a mechanism to compare system performance.

Lucideon SIPs House

The new guide covers the required test regime for a new panel design which enables the manufacturer to understand the process of gaining verification performance for their product. The guide also outlines the range of testing the system would need to undergo in order to generate the data required for an architect or structural engineer to be able to specify the system for new projects.

Following the testing program in the guide will ultimately provide a recognized route to market for manufacturers.

Author of the guide, Joanne Booth, business manager – construction at Lucideon, said: “At Lucideon, we have over 15 years’ experience of testing SIP systems. It has recently become very apparent that there is a real need for SIPs guidance.

“The new guide will allow a standardization of the performance measurement of systems, and will provide an understanding of the processes required for the manufacturer.”

Lucideon recently extended its existing consultancy, testing and R&D capabilities for the offsite and modular buildings industry; the engineers and experts at Lucideon help manufacturers prove new designs and establish their structural performance and durability.

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