December 6, 2021

Extend your productivity with the Werner Linking Platform PRO

The Werner Linking Platform PRO from world leading manufacturer, WernerCo, is the most flexible platform yet, enabling users to expand the available work surface area by up to 400%.

The Linking Platform Pro’s unique design enables the linking of up to four platforms to create one extra-large, sturdy and hardwearing work surface that allows painters, decorators and tradesmen to keep working without the need for unnecessary adjustments. Simply slot the platforms together, fold up the legs, and you have one seamless work surface.

While the platform can link together to provide more space to work, it was also designed with manoeuvrability in mind. The Easy-Grab handle in the centre of the platform means there’s no need for disassembly, simply grab the platform, reposition and go.

Once a job is finished, the compact platform’s legs fold completely flat to fit easily alongside other tools and be transported with ease. The platform’s legs are also dual self-locking, staying firmly in place in both open and closed positions. Finally, non-marring feet mean you can rest assured that the Linking Platform Pro will leave floors mark-free.

Jamie Brassington, Product Manager at WernerCo, commented: “The WernerLinking Platform PRO is one of our most flexible products yet. A single platform provides a large work surface perfect for many jobs, and when a larger workspace is needed, it’s as easy as extending the linking hooks and clicking another platform into place. Crucially, this reduces the need to move and readjust your platform, and eliminates the risks when stepping from one platform to another.”

Weighing less than 10kg, the platform is 0.52m tall and folds to a depth of just 10cm. Its wide work surface is 0.41m by 1.22m and supports a maximum load of 150kg.

The Werner Linking Platform Pro is now available nationally. For more product details and information, visit