February 29, 2024

Carringtons Residential Management Limited – Support leads to award success

In her five years at Carringtons Residential Management Limited, Caitlin Stevens has received incredible support from the family-run business, enabling her to continually develop and refine her skill set. This level of commitment has not only provided the ideal environment for strong career progression, but has also helped to attract external recognition in the form of a prestigious Property Management Award, after Caitlin was named Best New Property Manager of the Year 2023.

“I know everyone says it, but I genuinely wasn’t expecting to win,” explains Caitlin. “As a company, we haven’t ever put ourselves forward for any sort of award recognition and we’ve never paid for advertising, as the majority of our clients are as a result of word-of-mouth recommendations. However, we’ve enjoyed many achievements recently, so we felt it was a good time to make our successes known.

Caitlin Stevens receives her award

“Even though it was an individual award, my success really is a reflection of Carringtons as a whole. I would never have won without the support of our entire team, so it was lovely that we were all able to attend the awards night together and celebrate. It was a fantastic evening in an amazing venue, with fabulous food and entertainment. We’ve already booked our table for next year!”

The fact that Caitlin is so keen to share her achievement with the rest of her team at Carringtons is testament to the support she has received from the company, and the role it has played in her development as a property professional. “Although I officially carry out a managerial role, due to the nature of the business I’ve been very fortunate to have gained experience throughout the company, by working in most of its departments at one point or another. This has enabled me to become familiar with all facets of Carringtons and gain a greater appreciation of the bigger picture, while also helping me to become more of an all-rounder when it comes to property management. For instance, I’ve been heavily involved in the operational side of things, whilst also supporting and improving areas such as health and safety, customer service and sales.

“It has also allowed me to get involved in various initiatives, such as the partnership we have developed with the London Fire Brigade under the government’s Primary Authority Scheme. This has been massively important because it gives Carringtons a reliable point of contact when it comes to compliance and sourcing fire safety information. This has not only been hugely helpful from our own perspective, but has also provided clients with an increased level of confidence and reassurance.” 

Carringtons’ holistic approach stems in part from the team-focused approach that the company has established since its creation in 2006, when it began specialising in residential management within London and the Home Counties, predominately Hertfordshire and Essex. Carringtons also manages developments much further afield, and is on the look-out for new client opportunities across the country.

“We’re continually exploring our options and are open to all possibilities,” says Caitlin. “Our main objective is to provide a tender that is cost effective for the client and meets their needs, without compromising on the impressive service levels that Carringtons is best known for.”

Further strengthening Carringtons’ credentials as a managing agent has been its approach to accreditations and its long-standing membership with the Association of Residential Managing Agents (ARMA). Carringtons is also a Living Wage Employer, once again highlighting its commitment to its workforce, and is accredited by the Good Business Charter.

“The executives at Carringtons strongly believe that you don’t live to work, you work to live. They feel it’s important to have a good work/life balance. On a personal level, I’ve recently passed my Level 3 exam with the with the IRPM (Institute of Residential Property Management) and I also received my qualification with the IWFM (Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management). I have therefore made significant inroads on my own professional development with the support of my entire team, since first joining Carringtons in around 2018.

“For 2024, I would very much like to pass my Level 4 exam, which would see me achieve the level of ‘Member’ within The Property Institute. It would also be great to see Carringtons achieve some industry recognition for its amazing work over the years.

“From a commercial perspective, Carringtons is aiming for further growth by adding to our client list. We aim to achieve this by continuing to focus on providing an honest service that represents good value. We receive excellent feedback from existing clients and our Trustpilot reviews are highly positive, so we’re constantly getting enquiries as a result. As part of this process, we feel that the market could benefit from increased education as many leaseholders and homeowners don’t realise they’re often free to swap service providers if it was to suit them better.”

With a strong infrastructure in place and an environment that helps to nurture the talents of its employees, Carringtons and Caitlin look like they will both have another year to remember in 2024.