December 11, 2023

Upsher Heating + Plumbing – Award-winning approach

Having started out in 2016 with just himself and a van, drawing on the experience he had gained previously working as a Regional Quality Manager for one of the ‘Big Six’ energy companies, Scott Clarke has developed Hampshire-based Upsher Heating + Plumbing into an award-winning operation with a strong emphasis on developing apprentices.

Last year it was named Domestic Heating Contractor of the Year at the H&V News 2022 Awards, while one of its operatives, Macauley Martin, was named Apprentice of the Year (21 and under), both of which underline the company’s focus on quality and adherence to strong standards. “It was a very proud moment to win these awards, as they really reflect the approach we’ve taken since the very beginning,” explains Mr Clarke, Managing Director. “Building any successful business involves a great deal of hard work and we’re now looking to keep the momentum going.

Scott Clarke, Managing Director

“We try to do things a bit differently to the norm and have a forward-thinking approach that is not only committed to service but also takes the needs of our staff into consideration. If our people are happy then they’re more likely to perform well for us. Ensuring that we have the right people in place to keep progressing will be vital to achieving this objective.”

Upsher Heating + Plumbing now has a team of 12, comprising four admin employees and eight field staff, two of which are apprentices. After building such a strong team, which enables the business to provide a full range of services for customers, the aim now is to keep pushing forward.

“For the next 12 months we want to grow the business by around 50 per cent in terms of revenue and push our turnover, which currently stands at around £800,000, through the £1m-barrier,” concludes Mr Clarke. “We’ve certainly got all the elements in place to achieve this, although we are always looking to add to our field staff, because our admin are already working like a well-oiled machine. Personally, my goal will be to help secure more work and hopefully get some more awards, more so for the individuals rather than for the business itself, as they’re the ones that make the company what it is.”

It is this commitment to putting its staff at the heart of its business that has served Upsher Heating + Plumbing so well and looks like an ethos that will continue to be a winning formula in the months and years ahead.