March 6, 2021

Transtherm appoints new Applications Engineer

Leading manufacturer of adiabatic, dry and free-coolers, Transtherm Cooling Industries, has strengthened a flourishing building construction product design and sales offering with the appointment of its new Applications Engineer.

Joining the business with a masters degree in Product Design and Innovation from Aston University, new recruit Justin Stinson will be responsible for making the specification of energy efficient adiabatic cooling equipment easier for consultants and contractors across the construction industry.

With a focus on reducing noise emissions, power and water consumption, Justin will be helping to provide a variety of fit-for-purpose cooling solutions for applications at universities, hospitals and throughout the automotive, food and drink, banking, and aerospace sectors to name a few.

This will ultimately include the extension of Transtherm’s range of CPD presentations, as the company looks to give answers to some of the most common problems faced in the industry and shine a light on emerging technologies.

On the appointment, Managing Director, Nick Bound, added: “Graduate recruits who have come on board in the past have tended to work with a specific set of customers and applications. However, with the needs of the industry growing, we felt a new role was needed to help with a variety of issues, across multiple applications and industries.

“Consultants and contractors have a multitude of responsibilities to deal with from day to day, so Justin joins a team entirely dedicated to making sure that it is as simple as possible to design efficient and effective cooling systems on an ongoing basis.”

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