March 8, 2021

TMJ Contractors – Safety first

Manchester-based TMJ Contractors has recently attracted BSG award recognition for its approach to health and safety, as Natalie Taylor, Business Development Director, outlined to Construction Industry News.

“Being shortlisted for the award meant a great deal and shows that we’re on the right track,” explains Natalie. “For us to have been put forward for an award certainly underlines our own strengths within this area, despite the challenges health and safety is an area that many small companies struggle to deal with because of the costs involved. Whilst it should be at the top of every business’ list of priorities, for the larger firms with bigger budgets the process is much simpler.

“We regularly receive commendations and recognition onsite for our safety performance. There are a couple of contractors we work for who have health and safety leagues and who actively look to encourage strong practices and methods. Our guys regularly receive prizes and rewards to acknowledge their performance onsite.”

As for how TMJ Contractors has been able to put such strong procedures in place, Natalie believes the company’s commitment to investment, particularly with regards to training, has been key. “In terms of the progress we’ve made, in the last two to three years we’ve invested heavily in leadership and management training, whilst we’ve also had a business coach come in. We’ve managed to secure a significant amount of government funding to help us bridge any gaps that we might have had in our training matrix to iron out any issues. Bringing a coach in allowed us to put some really firm processes in place, making sure that the paperwork is up to speed etc. As a consequence, we’ve got rid of unnecessary paperwork and made real inroads into improving efficiencies.

“We’ve strived to get the leadership side in order but we’re also in the process of developing some software to help us deal with the health and safety administration onsite electronically. This makes life a lot quicker and easier for our operatives, making sure that we’ve got all the necessary documentation in place. It’s all about giving ourselves the capability to check fully what’s being done so that we can make sure everything’s being carried out to the right standard.”

Even with the external award recognition it has received, it is clear that TMJ is keen to develop the momentum its has built up from a health and safety perspective.

“Moving forward we want to push on with the innovations that we’ve introduced so far, particularly from an electronic point of view,” outlines Natalie. “We want to build on the progress we’ve made so far by ensuring that the new software system is rolled out properly onto site. Obviously teething problems are common for these types of initiative but we’re more than prepared for them so that they get quickly resolved. There were some issues when we started trialling it late last year but these have now been overcome and we’re hoping to overcome any final problems that we may encounter. There’s always room for further improvement.”

For TMJ Contractors it seems clear that health and safety is very much a journey rather than a destination, as it strives to keep improving its systems and practices, as well as inspiring positive attitudes for its staff. This has been further enhanced by recently held occupational health screening for its onsite operatives to ensure that its workers are keeping fit, healthy and, most of all, aware of their wellbeing whilst at work. The company is now committed to providing regular OH surveillance sessions for whoever is working for the business when it is being carried out, whether they’re employed or a self-employed sub-contractor.

Building on the strength of its health and safety approach, TMJ is also putting the foundations in place for its future development generally, having invested in new larger premises in Ashton-under-Lyne centre to accommodate its growing team. “The newly refurbed office space is testament to the quality of works that we achieve on our projects and showcases some fabulous products from our supply chain,” concludes Natalie.