August 5, 2021

Sykes Pumps helps secure continuity of supply during water shortages

Pump hire specialist Sykes Pumps has enabled Essex Water to secure continuity of supply for the Norfolk villages north of Norwich by re-activating a disused pumping station in the village of Horning.

The company supplied two UVO 200/150F (D90) 8” high performance pumps, each with a maximum flow of 375 litres per second, along with a 6” UVO 150/100E pump with a maximum flow rate of 120 litres per second. All three pumps are capable of achieving the 55m maximum head required for the application. Sykes Pumps also provided three fuel cubes, wire armoured suction hoses, high pressure flanged discharge hoses and a range of accessories to abstract water and feed it into the supply network.

Mark Burden, project manager at Essex Water’s contractor, Integrated Water Services (IWS), explains: “We needed a solution that would enable us to re-activate the existing infrastructure at the old Horning pumping station in order to generate 2-3 mega litres of water for the supply network per day for the duration of the dry weather to make up the shortfall and ensure sufficient supply to meet demand.”

Essex Water secured permission from the Environment Agency to increase abstraction from the River Bure using the disused pumping station at Horning, which was last in regular operation 40 years ago. The existing pump assets at the pumping station could not be used due to their age and state of repair, so IWS consulted the Sykes Pumps team on a robust solution that would add the required amount of water into the supply network, while offering sufficient flexibility to increase or reduce the amount of additional abstraction from the river as the summer continued.  

Sykes Pumps carried out an audit to assess the project requirements and develop a suitable solution, advising on the range of valves, adapters, reducers, bends and Y-pieces required to connect the hire pump hoses to the existing pumping station pipe infrastructure. These were supplied in addition to the pumps, fuel and hoses.