December 6, 2021

Sykes Pumps delivers same day overpump solution for East London sewer

Pump hire specialist, Sykes Pumps, has played a vital role in ensuring the safety of workers delivering an emergency repair project at a sewer main on a busy East London high street with an overpumping solution specified, delivered and set up on site within a day.

Morrison Utility Services was responsible for repairing the burst, located outside a busy shopping centre in Beckton.  Responding as quickly as possible, the contractor successfully closed the valve to the affected sewer, diverting the flow to a parallel main while the repairs were carried out.

When the Morrison team began to excavate the site, however, it was clear that high ground water levels could impede the work and pose a threat to health and safety. The company needed to excavate to a depth of four metres to reach the affected main and couldn’t carry out the work until the water was diverted. Keen to avoid any delays, the contractor contacted Sykes Pumps to provide a robust solution with equipment that could cope with the anticipated high flow rates in the excavated area.

After visiting site to understand the scale of the challenge and the layout of the site, Sykes Pumps provided a 12” electric automatic self-priming UV301M pump, along with a float-switch operated control system and 400m of steel hose to enable overpumping of the ground water and any residual sewage to the outpour sewer. Sykes Pumps also procured a generator to operate the pump as part of a turnkey solution. Space in the excavated void was tight, so a compact wastewater pumping solution capable of delivering 400 litres/second was selected. 

Sykes Pumps delivered all equipment to site within hours of the order and provided an engineer to set up the pump and carry out all electrical connections with the control panel and the generator.