September 27, 2021

Smarter installations reduce lead times and resources

Mark Kimberley, Head of Construction Products at wire joining and suspension device manufacturer, Gripple, urges the industry to consider how choosing the right building service installation products can help deliver delayed projects on time and with minimal resources in a post-pandemic industry.

Although the construction industry has been able to continue working throughout part of the country’s lockdown, it has still been hit by severe delays and unprecedented restrictions and regulations. With project managers reluctant to extend deadlines, contractors are challenged with finding ways to speed up operations, while still operating with strict safety standards.

By carefully considering which products and methods you choose for the installation and suspension of building services, it is possible to shave valuable time off project schedules and increase safety on site.

Race against time

Many contractors may have many weeks to make up for to avoid penalties for over-running deadlines. But there are time-saving products currently available on the market which can help claw back precious days and even weeks to bring projects in on time.  

Using modern service suspension kits instead of traditional threaded rod systems can make significant time savings. For example, pre-fabricated trapeze brackets can be fitted quickly and simply. Gripple’s third generation Fast Trak range is known to have reduced installation times by 85% for customers who swapped from threaded rod and channel to our modern systems.

Single-handed installations

Health and safety regulations in the construction industry are felt more keenly than many other sectors, but it has now been taken to another level with Covid-19 considerations.

By choosing a solution with pre-fabricated brackets that are faster and easier to fit than their traditional alternatives, the number of people required for installation can be reduced to just one which makes social distancing on site easier to acheive. This is in contrast to larger and bulkier threaded rod which often requires two people to move it around site.

Pre-fabricated products such as Fast Trak also have the benefit of arriving on-site ready-to-use. With no preparation like cutting to size required, much of the labour-intensive activity is removed and less people are required on the site. As no hot works permits are needed, as would be the norm with more traditional methods, there is no requirements for a fire watcher which brings down the number of workers on site down even further.

Fail to plan, plan to fail

One of the key ways we have learned to reduce time spent on a project is to work closely with your suppliers technical team to ensure that products are being used correctly.

The rise in BIM technology has led to much slicker, safer operations as the exact specification of which products are needed in precisely the right location, minimises time on site and needs less logistical planning as they arrive fully labelled in line with design drawings.

Our technical team can work in collaboration with customers to populate Revit models with the desired product families, provide training on the process of adding Gripple’s Revit families to BIM and 3D models, and supply detailed schedules of components, minimising waste, cost and required personnel.

The height of safe working

Brackets which can be moved up and down the tracks to make adjustments without the need for tools drastically reduce the amount of time spent working at height which is invaluable now that health and safety is absolutely paramount in the wake of additional restrictions.

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Mark Kimberley, Senior Product Manager