December 1, 2021

Omnide Ltd – Award recognition underlines quality

Since it was founded in 2013 by directors Ivan Lazzaroni and Raffaele Oppido, London-based architectural design studio Omnide Ltd has developed a strong reputation for the quality of its work. This high standing within the marketplace was further underlined when it received Architectural Design of the Year at the London Construction Awards in 2018 and was shortlisted for Architecture Practice of the Year in 2019. 

The practice specialises in high-end projects within a variety of sectors including retail, commercial and residential ranging from refurbishments to new-build properties. While Ivan and Raffaele manage the London and Rome offices, Omnide spans three continents with partners in Rome, Amsterdam, Mumbai and Nairobi. As partners and directors, Arzu Senel, Rajiv Khushalani and Marco Carolei, manage the three offices respectively.

Omnide works within the fields of architecture, urbanism, research and development. It takes a project through all seven stages RIBA’s Plan of Work, starting with the preparation of the brief and the design of the concept to then developing the design, working alongside contractors to complete construction and finally handing over the building to the client. The practice specialises in the strategy, design, planning and project management of a scheme. The number of staff working in the London office is nine including the two directors, Ivan and Raffaele.

Omnide has an extremely varied customer base. Working in a lot of different sectors means that clients range from residential homeowners to retail outlets and commercial businesses. With a number of residential projects in its portfolio, Omnide is approached by private homeowners looking to either renovate their existing property or construct a new-build with a focus on high quality architecture and thoughtful details. For example, Ravenscourt House was delivered to a young family with two children who now have a playful and innovative home with a huge living space for the whole family to enjoy together. 

Having worked for clients such as Twinset Milano, Giambattista Valli and Guess, Omnide has also gained a reputation for providing elegant solutions in the design of retail outlets, specifically those in luxury fashion. 

Omnide’s focus on high-quality architecture has caught the attention of commercial businesses with the project with Anytime Fitness and the Royal Garden Hotel showcasing that. While Omnide’s clients tend to be varied, they all look for elegance and luxury with solid construction.

Omnide believes that within the current marketplace there is a demand for bespoke, high-quality architecture and that demand is only going to increase. Within the retail sector, this demand stems from customer interaction and the understanding that a space that engages with the customer is more likely to yield greater revenue. While in the commercial sector, creating an environment in which employees can enjoy and feel comfortable can increase productivity and creativity. Homeowners want a home that reflects themselves and their personality, which is why the idea of bespoke architecture is growing in appeal.

Omnide is able to call on the expertise and knowledge of all of its directors and their respective offices across the globe. This has allowed it to stay one step ahead in learning about new trends and modern construction methods and materials. Omnide’s architecture is derived from the analysis of human life and it is driven by the influence of multicultural exchanges, global economic flows and inventive communication technologies. “We believe that in order to deal with the challenges we face we need to explore new horizons and possibilities,” explains Raffaele Oppido, Managing Director. “We also encourage the client to be a part of the design process, while allowing them to gain an understanding of the project, its costs and the time of delivery.

“We are able to offer the client our design services for projects that range from small details such as handles or furniture to the construction of three or more houses. Our ability to offer our services for any job allows us to refine our skills and learn from every bespoke project we undertake.”

As it strives to further strengthen the reputation it has developed so far in 2020, the short-term aims for Omnide are to continue building quality architecture that delivers the vision of the client, while pushing the boundary of contemporary design and construction. 

“We are also aiming to forge relationships with leading designers, contractors and other architects in order to deepen our knowledge of our profession and of those we work with,” concludes Raffaele. “The long-term goals of the practice are to grow and expand. This will be done by designing and delivering large-scale projects such as public and cultural buildings, as well as masterplans for public and residential developments.”

With such a forward-thinking approach, Omnide is well placed to maintain its upward progression, while further award recognition wouldn’t be a surprise either.

Written by Nigel Martin


96 Belsize Lane 

London NW3 5BE