June 14, 2021

National campaign to tackle mental health head on at UK Construction Week

There have been 1,419 reported suicides in the construction industry over the past five years; 1,409 of those were men. In response to these sobering statistics, MIND YOUR HEAD –– a national campaign designed to promote mental wellbeing to men working in the construction industry –– is on a mission to unite the construction industry behind their vision for overcoming the mounting challenges to mental wellbeing.

MIND YOUR HEAD has been specifically designed by leading psychotherapist Dr Gareth Palmer, founder of MenShouldTalk, to bring mental health issues to the surface. He said: “It aims to help men examine themselves so they can understand their own histories and build strategies for coping with their problems… without robust mental health and emotional resilience, we are like buildings resting on shaky ground.”

MIND YOUR HEAD will launch with the MATERIAL SUPPORT exhibition at UK Construction Week 2019 – the UK’s largest construction industry event. Designed to champion the importance of mental health in construction, the exhibition will showcase building materials as powerful works of mental health art, provide an immersive audio/visual experience to all visitors, and host keynote talks from leading speakers, including RIBA President Alan Jones, leadership coach Ric Moylan, and architect and author of Happy by Design Ben Channon. Each featured artwork, kindly donated by leading manufacturers, will be designed to carry a meaningful message related to mental wellbeing and raise awareness of the MIND YOUR HEAD campaign and its partners.

When asked about the industry’s response to the campaign, Managing Director of Agency Spring Paul Iddon, MIND YOUR HEAD’s creative and marketing partner, said, “Within two short months we have gained the support of 17 leading manufacturers –– all of whom have committed themselves to championing MIND YOUR HEAD at UK Construction Week and beyond. Securing these industry giants is testament to the strength and importance of MIND YOUR HEAD’s mission.”

Some of the industry’s most progressive manufacturers have already pledged their support to MIND YOUR HEAD. Leading insulated panels manufacturer Hemsec are providing full material support by building the exhibition stand with SIP panels, while Whitecroft Lighting will provide bespoke lighting design and fit out for the space.

VELUX (Prime Sponsor), TradePoint, Careys, Crittall, Kingspan, Ancon, Portakabin, George Barnsdale, Zest, QPSL, William Hare, BWF, Assent, Tremco, Gripsure, Timber Trade Federation, ICON, Concept Cubicles, AluK, Maber and RIBA have all united behind the MIND YOUR HEAD mission.

The MIND YOUR HEAD campaign will launch with the MATERIAL SUPPORT exhibition at UK Construction Week on 8th–10th October 2019 at the NEC, Birmingham.

There is still time for manufactures to pledge their support to MIND YOUR HEAD. For more information, please visit mindhead.co.uk