June 14, 2021

Measuring tools specialist Stabila establishes a sales subsidiary in England as a clear commitment to the UK market

For more than 60 years, measuring tools from the German manufacturer Stabila have been available in the UK. Over the years, more and more craftsmen and construction professionals have come to rely on Stabila’s permanently precise and robust spirit levels, tape measures and since the 1990s lasers and other electronic measuring tools. A loyal and rapidly growing fan base has contributed to the UK becoming the second largest export market for Stabila.

“Our strategy is to be present in our most important markets with an owned entity, says Ulrich Dähne, CEO of Stabila. “Thus the time is right to establish Stabila UK Ltd. Having our own team of dedicated sales and application specialists will allow us to provide intensified support to our customers in the future. Stabila UK will work hand-in-hand with our distribution partners to develop strong and sustainable sales through enhanced and focused support in sales, logistics and training.”

STABILA – Known for their robust measuring tools like the new LAR 160 rotation laser.

The brand will further step up its marketing activities. “The last four years we invested heavily in digital marketing,” emphasises Stabila CMO, Holger Binder. “This sharpened the perception of our brand among professional users.” In the UK we a have a very engaged community of professionals in the trades. We look forward to intensifying our dialogue with them – online and offline.”

The personal exchange with customers be it in sales calls on the construction site or at trade shows is an integral part of the Stabila sales concept. “We can hardly wait to present our innovations personally to customers in the UK,” Mr Binder continues. “In the year of the Brexit, this is a strong signal to our partners in the UK: ‘We are closer to you than ever’.”

CEO Mr Dähne clarifies: “We are extremely grateful to our long serving agency, Brian Hyde Ltd, who has done a tremendous job since 1956 to make the Stabila brand in the UK what it is today. After so many decades of close collaboration, we are now turning over a new leaf and are delighted that Hyde will continue to offer the full Stabila range to its customers, unchanged.”

The ramping-up of Stabila UK Ltd is led by Tony Hirst, a British-born sales professional with more than 20 years of experience in distribution within the tool industry with a focus on Stabila.