December 1, 2021

LMC Group – Double cause for celebration

This year sees the LMC Group reaching its tenth anniversary and this dynamic company has plenty more to celebrate too having been named Sub-Contractor of the Year at the Irish Construction Industry Awards 2018. Construction Industry News recently checked in with Martin Lydon, Managing Director, to see what both achievements mean to the business.

“We are delighted to have won an Irish Construction Industry Award, particularly as it is such a landmark year for us with it being our tenth anniversary,” explains Mr Lydon. “Winning such a prestigious award, especially in one of the key categories, really underlines our progression and growth as a company.”

Stephen McConnell and Martin Lydon, LMC Group’s Co-Founders

This progress hasn’t come about by accident, however, and is testament to the leadership shown by Mr Lydon and fellow company founder, Stephen McConnell. Their combined efforts and drive were particularly important given that the LMC Group was forged in the midst of a recession. “It was challenging to begin with but we always stuck to our guns and put faith in our engineering abilities and the quality of our offering,” adds Mr Lydon. “During any recession there’s always the temptation to go with the flow of the market but we made a conscious decision to deviate by instead taking on government work and more challenging technical projects. We therefore took on the likes of healthcare and laboratory works that really enabled us to showcase our technical expertise. Our success in tackling such projects led us to secure similar types of work as our profile increased.”

Being formed in a baptism of fire and the resilience that the LMC Group demonstrated in the early days set the company up in good stead and it hasn’t looked back since. “It was tough to begin with but we had little choice to grab the bull by the horns and get on with it. The difficult state of the economy forced us to consider every cost that we were making and ensure that each decision we were taking was the correct one. Developing such a keen eye for detail when it came to costs and deliverability was the cornerstone of surviving the recession and even though the marketplace has since improved considerably, we have retained the same approach and it continues to serve us well.”

Anne-Marie Hopkins, Sales and Marketing Executive, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Ireland, presents the Sub-Contractor of the Year award to Martin Lydon, LMC Group

The conscientious ethos has been firmly instilled into LMC by Mr Lydon and Mr McConnell, permeating throughout the entire business. This process has been made all the easier by the team of people that has been put in place. “Many of our staff have not only been here since the company was created but have worked with myself and Stephen for many years previously in our prior employment,” outlines Mr Lydon. “We were very fortunate to have such strong individuals from the very beginning and they’ve demonstrated tremendous levels of loyalty over the years. Being totally blunt, without them there is no way we would have got through the initial years. Thankfully they’ve stuck with us and they’re now seeing the fruits of their loyalty. We’re also lucky that we had a good mix of core members and younger staff that have learnt the ropes with us and are now fully established in terms of breadth of experience and skills. We therefore have a great foundation block on which to build the company in the next stage in its development.”

LMC is looking to capitalise on its broad range of technical expertise by widening its sphere of influence further. “The next step now is to expand the teams that we have in order to extend the suite of services that we can offer. We added an FM operation around four years ago, while the modular side of the business really took off last year. We want to continue developing both of these strands to the company, while at the same time expanding the contracting element in the next two years. With regards to particular sectors that will provide the opportunities for us to do this, the student accommodation market is proving fruitful currently, while hotel development is on the rise again after a number of years of being practically dormant. As well as focusing more on these areas, we also remain active in healthcare and are keen to do more industrial and commercial work. Again the strong skills set that we have within the business, supplemented by the continual training programmes we have in place, gives us the capabilities to tackle a diverse range of work.”

LMC’s upward trajectory is clear, particularly as it broke the 20m Euros per annum turnover barrier within the past year with the intention of increasing this figure to 27.5m Euros per annum in the next 12 months. With a 10th anniversary to celebrate, an Irish Construction Industry Award in the bag, and further award recognition surely only being a matter of time, the company has plenty to look forward to in the months and years ahead.