March 7, 2021

Industry innovators supply £1bn Cambridge university development

Hoarding and screening specialist Plasloc has been contracted to provide a large-scale development at the University of Cambridge.

Plasloc’s hoarding solutions will help to ensure the safe completion of building works on the North-West site of the University, just outside the city centre.

The North-West Cambridge project, of which Plasloc is a vital part, is a £1bn development which has been years in the making for the university. Plasloc have initially been involved in phase one of the project, which consists of the retail units.

The new site though, is set to include housing for students, staff and members of the public, along with a variety of facilities such as a supermarket, nursery and doctor’s surgery.

Steve Matthews, the founder of Plasloc, comments: “We’re thrilled to be involved in a project as ambitious and exciting as the North-West Cambridge project.

“We’re extremely proud of our product’s ability to adapt to and thrive in challenging environments and as part of this task Plasloc had to overcome difficult variations in floor levels, whilst also taking care not to damage the newly-finished stone flooring.

“We achieved this by producing specially-designed plastic feet for our hoarding which prevent steel jacks from rusting and staining the ground.”

As part of the same project Plasloc also supplied and installed debris netting to protect the unoccupied retail units from curious wildlife. The netting was put in place using Plasloc’s H section jointing rail which allows the fabric to be pulled taught, reducing the chances of movement in the future.

High on the university’s list of priorities for this project is sustainability: approximately 2000 trees and plants are due to be planted across the site in the first phase of development, and the finished complex will house the UK’s largest rainwater recycling system.

Importantly, Plasloc shares this philosophy as its screens represent an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional building materials.

After the screens at the North-West Cambridge site are removed they, like all Plasloc’ s other partitions, will be recycled to produce more Plasloc. This process creates zero waste and sets Plasloc apart from other hoarding and screening solutions companies.

The client for the project was WATES Construction Ltd and phase one of the project are retail units at the site.

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