March 2, 2021

Gas shut off valve from Watts Industries UK provides significant safety and environmental benefits

Safety, for those that use or occupy buildings, remains a topic off much discussion and ways to ensure building safety is of primary consideration during initial design, specification  also refurbishment programmes.

Managing gas supply to the building is a legal requirement but installing a gas safety shut off valve that is energy efficient and environmentally friendly brings added benefits to the safety and carbon footprint of the building.

“Our Powerseat® Eco gas safety shut off valve is ideally suited to commercial and domestic applications and protects the gas supply and building by detecting when issues occur such as a drop in pressure,” said Dave Raynor, Product Manager at Watts Industries UK. “It remains one of the most popular valves on the market due to its exemplary performance, usability and eco-credentials.”

Compatible with pipes from 40mm to 250mm the valve uses just six per cent of the power that a comparable magnetic solenoid valve uses and saves around 768.64kg of carbon emissions too. This is equivalent to carbon emissions of 3,758 miles generated in a car.

“The Powerseat Eco is the perfect solution to building designers, specifiers and those overhauling systems to drive energy efficiency and safety,” said Dave. “It ensures the safety of the building and its occupants at both point of entry and point of use and is infinitely reliable.”

Manufactured in the UK by Watts and part of the renowned product name Black Teknigas combustion range, Powerseat Eco benefits from an LED display detailing the status of the valve, increased external environmental protection to IP56 equivalent, a manual re-set switch in all versions and screwless, quick connections for installation of electrics, all of which will assist installers and those that manage the system on a daily basis.

The popular and reliable Powerseat gas shut off valve will remain available in the 200 and 300mm range.

Each Powerseat® Eco valve comes with a three-year warranty as standard and is certified to EN161, Class A Group 2 construction

Working with specifiers, installers and contractors Watts Industries UK provides product and solutions for some of the most iconic new build and retro-fit schemes in the UK.

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