February 29, 2024

Eight reasons buildings have revolving doors

The revolving door was invented by Theophilus van Kannel from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1888. An old urban legend says that revolving doors were invented to prevent horses from entering buildings. This may seem like a humorous statement but it’s definitely not true. 

Revolving doors were invented because they have many advantages compared to hinged doors. One of those advantages is revolving doors are extremely energy efficient. Revolving doors limit the amount of air that escapes a building. This way drafts are reduced which helps save on HVAC costs. 

Do you want to know more about the revolving door? Take a look at these additional eight reasons architects use revolving doors to construct building doorways. 

1.Expanded entry and exit passage 

Have you ever been to a busy building that had a single door? It’s not very convenient as traditional doors only allow one person to enter or exit the building at a time. For buildings that have heavy foot traffic such as malls or office blocks having an extended doorway is essential. 

The last thing you want is to be stuck in foot traffic. And so revolving doors allow four to five people to exit or enter a building at the same time. The expanded doorwayminimisesfoot trafficsignificantly. You’re able to leave and exit the building quickly & easily. 

2. Revolving doors reduce street noise 

If you work at a front desk of a building you’ll know that street noise can be deafening. This is especially annoying when you work in the heart of town. Crowds chattering, the sound of cars rushing by and the noise of hooters can stress you out. Revolving doors block out all of those sounds.

That’s right; revolving doors are designed to insulate a building from street noise. The revolving door consists of three or four panels that rotate on a shaft. So the doorway is always sealed even when the revolving door is moving thus always blocking out noise from the outside world. 

Revolving doors are also made from soundproof glass which also helps to reduce noise coming from outside. 

3. Beneficial to regions with cold climates

Freezing cold drafts are not pleasant but they’re common in regions with temperatures below zero. When you’re snug and warm inside a building, the last thing you want is to be in range of a gust of cold wind. That’s why revolving doors are perfect for buildings in regions with cold climates.

The innovative design doesn’t allow any air into the building. You won’t have to suffer from that biting chill that comes through a doorway every time people enter or exit the building. 

4. Added security measures

Some rotating doors are designed with integrated metal detectors. The doors will lock if someone is carrying a firearm or any other weaponry into the building. Some designs even have radiation detectors. An alarm will set off in an event of radiation or even smoke from a fire. 

The glass panels are also ideal for security guards as they’ll be able to see who’s coming and going at all times. Security can monitor the people entering or exiting the building to prevent potential theft or any threats.  

5. Revolving doors can’t be slammed

The sound of a slamming door is not pleasant and it can give you a fright. Some people don’t know their own strength so sometimes they tend to slam traditional doors without meaning to. Strong winds can also force doors open and slam them shut. It’s pleasing to know that revolving doors can’t be slammed. 

Revolving doors simply rotate in a circle without any objects hindering movement. So you won’t experience the sound of slamming doors which is definitely an advantage in work places or where calm atmospheres are essential.

6. Revolving doors are easy to maintain

Revolving doors require little to no maintenance. The glass used for construction is robust as well as the cylinders the panels rotate on. They’re also extremely easy to clean as there are no objects in the way of the glass. 

Because the revolving door can’t be slammed there are no repairs that need to be made on locks, handles or frames. Minimum repairs meanthe revolving door is extremely economical.

7. Helping the handicapped

Buildings with revolving doors are user friendly to those who need it most. Revolving doors make it easier for a person to exit or enter a building when they’re confined to a wheelchair. This is thanks to the large design.

There are no door handles that are difficult to reach and there isno need to move back & forth to get the door open. It’s also easier for people who use crutches to walk through because you can simply push the door lightly to enter or exit the building.

Usually, where there’s a rotating door there are no steps before or after entering a building. This makes it easier for handicapped people to come and go

8. Emergency exits

In an event of a natural disaster or a potential threat inside a building, revolving doors are the ultimate emergency exit. The large opening allows people to safely exit the building in large numbers. 

People with large bags or luggage can easily exit the building particularly in the event of a threat. Some revolving doors can be removed easily to allow more people to exit the building at the same time. Rotating doors are definitely safer than traditional hinged doors.

Revolving door installations

Now that you know some revolving door facts perhaps you’d like to have an easily accessible doorway to your building. Companies like Advance Access handle complete installation of revolving doors. They’ll be able to give you quotes and designs for your building.

Final thoughts

Revolving doors can be quite elegant depending on the building you’re visiting. Usually, hotel lobbies have unique designs that frame their revolving doors with shiny robust metals for a unique design. Select three or four panel doors or integrate systems that optimise your security.

Whatever your preference if you’re the owner of a building with high foot traffic you may want to consider installing a rotating door. You’ll be saving money on maintenance, energy and security control with this innovative doorway design.