October 22, 2021

Control leaky ceilings with leak diverters, now available from First Mats

Ceiling leaks can happen at any time, and their consequences can have devastating impacts on your workplaces’ infrastructure, causing damage to expensive equipment and increasing the risk of slip accidents.

The cause of leaks in your workplace could range anywhere from a damaged ceiling that leaks water whenever it rains; to a faulty pipe that may have burst or cracked after a long period of use. Either way, you need to deal with these problems and quickly.

A leak diverter is a simple tool used to capture leaks from a ceiling, keeping water safely away from the floors, machinery or from work desks. This provides you with a great short-term solution to effectively manage leaks until they are fixed.

They are a professional and safer alternative to using buckets, which need emptying regularly and themselves become a trip hazard.

Leak Diverters are also easy to use, simply position the funnel tarp beneath the leak and connect the hose supplied with the kit. The other end is then attached to the plastic storage drum to which water flows, containing the leak. You can then position this storage drum out of the way of passing footfall, significantly reducing the risk of slip and trip accidents.

The leak diverter kits come supplied with everything you need for a quick setup including adjustable straps, a five-metre long hose and an 80-litre reservoir drum. They are also compatible with standard UK Hozelock fittings for added flexibility.

First Mats’ range of leak diverters is available in a variety of sizes to contain leak problems of varying severities. Their 100cm x 100cm sized tarps are ideal for slow-dripping and minor sized leaks, ranging all the way to 300cm x 300cm plastic tarps for more significant outflows.

You can also choose from yellow or white coloured funnel traps depending on where you need your leak diverter to go, and which colour best suits your business décor.

First Mats is recognised as one of the most trusted suppliers in the country, with a diverse range of safety-focused products for workplaces of all kinds. They have been well received by customers which is evident from their impressive 4.8 out of 5-star rating on Trustpilot.

For more information, please contact First Mats or visit the website www.firstmats.co.uk.