July 25, 2021

Constructing a new norm – the digital solution that’s allowing sites to open safely

GetOnSite, an online induction software specialist for the construction industry, has seen a 250% increase in orders since lockdown began due to Covid-19.

Managing Director, Sarah Fenwick says: “This is the new norm,” as she reflects on the industry’s willingness to adapt to digital solutions during Covid-19.

Sarah says: “Construction is often criticised by being too slow to react to situations but with Covid-19 we are seeing the opposite. Our clients have been quick off the mark, putting procedures in place to open their sites safely. We have also seen a huge increase in enquiries from companies wanting to move their inductions online as soon as possible – some in just 24 hours!  This is most definitely a permanent shift in working practices and feedback has always been – ‘why haven’t we moved online earlier’. Early adopters of online inductions have been at an advantage as they are all set up ready to go and can update their inductions with Covid-19 information quickly. However, as a company we’re committed to getting sites up and running as quickly as possible so inductions can be ready within the day in some cases. Embracing digital technology is the only way they can ensure the safety of their contractors, so we expect more companies to embrace technological solutions in the next few months.”

One company that is benefiting from adapting to online inductions early is Barnwood Construction.

Nikki Rowlands, HSQE Mentor/Advisor from Barnwood Construction, says: “Since we have adopted GetOnSite’s online induction process, we feel confident that consistent and robust inductions are taking place across our business. Protecting employees and contractors is our number one priority. With GetOnSite’s help, we can be sure contractors have received all the new operating procedures we have put in place to keep our site teams safe.”

To find out how you can benefit from moving your induction online, visit www.getonsitefast.com