January 17, 2022

A Christmas tipple too far? – Safety experts help UK businesses manage workforce drinking this festive season

As the season of over indulging begins, the UK’s leading health and safety company, Arco, wants to help UK businesses with their legal responsibility of ensuring staff are not over the alcohol limit whilst at work and make sure they have the resources to ensure their staff are able to safely carry out their work.

Over the month of December and January, employees will no doubt increase their level of socialising and, in turn, alcohol intake. Although many will know the implications of working under the influence, more often than not, people don’t always allow extra time for the additional alcohol to pass through their bodies, resulting in many still being over the legal limit the following morning.

Under the Health and Safety at Work, etc Act 1974, employers have a general duty to ensure, as far is reasonably practical, the health, safety and welfare of employees. If an employer knowingly allows a member of staff who is under the influence to continue working, they could be prosecuted. 

To help tackle Christmas drinking issues, many companies around the UK are adopting compulsory alcohol screening and testing for employees, especially those in safety-sensitive industries including jobs that require the operation of industrial machinery or driving and logistics. For those wishing to implement alcohol testing, Arco has a wide range of breathalysers available.  

Whether employers wish to supply their workforce with a two-use, disposable alcohol detector kit, or invest in a high-tech, police-grade touch screen breathalyser, the UK safety experts can help employers reduce alcohol related incidents and make their organisations safer this Christmas and New Year.

Niall Robinson, Product and Procurement Manager at Arco, commented: “When you look at the research into ‘morning after’ drink driving offences, the stats are quite shocking. According to Think!, 5,500 people are failing breath tests between 6am and midday every year. Although employers are not legally responsible for staff members’ commute to work, this statistic clearly shows the number of workers who may still be over the legal limit once they arrive at work and carry out tasks.  Businesses have a responsibility to ensure their workforce are fit for work, including alcohol consumption. With testing and screening, employers can have peace of mind knowing their staff are under the limit and safe to carry out their duties.”

For more information on alcohol testing and Arco’s range of breathalysers, please visit www.arco.co.uk/breathalysers