September 27, 2021

The future is grey – Longfloor launch game-changer for industry

In a game-changing development for the construction industry, Longfloor has launched a revolutionary approach in the way liquid cement screeds are applied. The technology adopted for the IntegraCure product have resulted in a global first.

‘IntegraCure’ is an addition to the existing Longfloor formulation, fundamentally enhancing the way liquid cement screeds are used. Its pioneering method include: 

  • Unlike all other current liquid cement screeds, IntegraCure, as the name implies, contains an integral curing agent meaning that no additional spray is needed as well as crucially saving a significant amount of time in the drying process.  IntegraCure’s self curing qualities thus simply negate the need of a curing agent.
  • Since the introduction of horizontally laid self-compacting concretes some 20 years ago and more recently, cementitious flowing screeds, these materials have all been bound by the same problem – the need to use a spray applied curing agent.  The curing agent is required to stop the material drying out too quickly which could result in plastic shrinkage cracking. It is a process reliant on selecting the correct curing agent for the product and application, ensuring the application equipment is of the right standard and the material is sprayed at the correct dosage. More often than not, one or more of these processes does not take place, resulting in issues.
  • Following extensive research and development and adapting technology borrowed from self-levelling underlayments (SLU’s), IntegraCure uses innovative technology to negate the need for the use of a spray applied curing agent.
  • IntegraCure is added to the existing Longfloor product at the manufacturing stage at our state-of the art production facility  at Longcliffe, Derbyshire. 
  • All of the other features and benefits of the current Longfloor product are maintained within the IntegraCure solution. This means speed and ease of installation, rapid drying times (up to three times faster than alternative products) and the simplicity of being able to bond any material to the finished screed.

IntegraCure has been developed by the Longfloor team in conjunction with one of our global additive partners. Longfloor is part of Longcliffe Quarries, the UKs largest independent producer of calcium carbonate (limestone), powders, a company with a 90 year old history of quarrying and grinding high purity Derbyshire limestone.

IntegraCure is now available from the existing Longfloor distributor network.

Darren Williams, Longfloor General Manager, said: “The screed industry has witnessed a sea change in favour of cement-based liquid screeds but for many years has attempted to develop one which flows well, dries quickly and is as easy to install as possible. We are very excited to announce an industry first, IntegraCure has done just that. The future is grey!”

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