September 27, 2021

Now available: latest episode of the Constructive Voices podcast looking at transformational virtual pre-construction technology

In episode 11 of the Constructive Voices podcast, Henry McDonald catches up with Gavin Tonnet of utecture on city-changing urban renewal projects and transformational virtual pre-construction technology.

Gavin Tonnet is a recognised expert and leader in the property space having created and led businesses for Mirvac, Leighton, Stockland and Japanese giant, Sekisui House. He was responsible for many significant city-changing urban renewal projects. He has been involved and led over USD$20bn of major renewal. 

Also on the podcast, Pete The Builder talks to Steve Randall about tools and how they have evolved since his early days working in construction. As always, Pete injects plenty of knowledge with his unique sense of humour.

This episode of Constructive Voices is sponsored by Viewpoint, a Trimble Company.