December 1, 2021

Lucideon launches construction dispute resolution service

Lucideon, the international materials technology company, has announced the offering of a new dispute resolution service for the construction sector. The move comes as the industry has seen an increase in the number and severity of disputes over recent years.

Disputes can be costly and time consuming to resolve, and also damage relationships and reputations. Lucideon is able to act for all parties involved in a conflict to establish the fault causes and identify potential resolutions. The experts at Lucideon can examine the facts and where necessary, conduct on-site assessments to provide third party independent evidence; this can help resolve disputes prior to legal action being taken.

The new dispute resolution service is conducted by Lucideon’s team of expert scientists, engineers and consultants who have many years’ experience across all areas of the sector.

Steve Newman, Product Manager, Lucideon, said: “Our new service has been designed so that when disputes do arise, we can act as an independent representative for all those concerned. We have the experience and resources to critically assess the situation; this sometimes involves testing and analysis to then reveal the origins of the defects. Once we’ve ascertained the root cause of the failure, we can then recommend solutions.

“When disputes arise, it’s important to act quickly and professionally.”

The new dispute resolution service offered by Lucideon can be applied to all aspects of the industry. Examples of recent disputes include, render thickness, insulation issues, inappropriate mortar composites and concrete reinforcement.

As one of the leading testing facilities in Europe, and with laboratories worldwide, Lucideon offers quick and cost-effective testing, both in their purpose-built laboratories and on-site. Regulations and guidelines are complex and constantly changing; Lucideon’s experts, who have worked closely with regulatory bodies over the years, can advise clients on testing and certification to ensure materials, products and structures conform to standards and meet specifications.

To find out more about Lucideon’s dispute resolution offerings, visit Alternatively, contact Steve Newman, Product Manager, Lucideon: +44 (0)1782 764356 or [email protected].

About Lucideon

Lucideon is a leading international provider of materials development, testing and assurance.

Through its offices and laboratories in the UK, US and the Far East, Lucideon provides materials and assurance expertise to clients in a wide range of sectors, including healthcare, construction, ceramics and power engineering.

The company aims to improve the competitive advantage and profitability of its clients by providing them with the expertise, accurate results and objective, innovative thinking that they need to optimise their materials, products, processes, systems and businesses.

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