November 29, 2020

EDC – Continual evolution

An emphasis on continual evolution since its creation 15 years ago has enabled EDC to break into a diverse range of sectors in the UK, Africa and Ireland.

“We formed the consultancy in 2003 and the ongoing investment we have since made in our people and our technology has enabled us to provide a growing suite of services to our clients,” explains Richard O’Farrell, Managing Director. “We now have offices in Dublin, Cork and London, giving us access to a wide variety of different markets where we can provide our specialism in delivery using BIM.

“In terms of how this growth has been achieved, our people have been absolutely key. The strength of our 50-strong workforce and the knowledge they bring to the table enables us to offer a high quality service to our clients and provide excellent response times. It also allows us to demonstrate really strong levels of detailing in our project designs that are of the highest possible level. We were the first Irish company to achieve BIM Level 2 in 2014, which really underlines our strengths in this area.”

Richard O’Farrell, Managing Director

It’s not just its commercial success and subsequent growth that shows that EDC is on the right track either. The company was also recently shortlisted for a prestigious Irish Construction Industry Award within the Consultancy of the Year category, although it ultimately just missed out in the end. “It was great to be nominated as it really reflects the level of progression we have made as a consultancy,” adds Mr O’Farrell. “There have been challenges along the way, such as the industry-wide skills shortage that was created by the lean years of the recession. This led to a four or five-year gap where graduates weren’t coming into the sector but thankfully we were able to overcome this issue by developing our own people to their full potential. We’re now fully equipped to make the most of the opportunities that are out there.”

In terms of these opportunities and the types of project that EDC has been involved in recently, it is currently focusing particularly on student accommodation and data centre contracts within Dublin, while it is also involved in a co-living project in Canary Wharf in London. Further afield the consultancy has also carried out projects in Africa, further reflecting the growing reputation it is building as a business.

Horgans Quay

“The data centre sector is continuing to be a strong area for us, as is the industrial sector where there is a growing requirement for using BIM for project delivery, which is obviously an area of strength for us. More generally, mixed-use, residential, commercial and healthcare sectors remain busy. Residential opportunities in the UK are particularly prevalent at the moment, as are nursing homes.”

Given the level of progress that EDC has made in recent years, the consultancy is in no mood to reduce the momentum it has built up and is instead looking to make the most of the potential that so many different sectors are currently displaying. “Looking ahead we want to capitalise on our strengths and capabilities to further increase our share of the Dublin market,” concludes Mr O’Farrell. “Our Dublin office is now three years old and it has developed a really strong offering. We want to make the most of that by increasing our market share and acquiring more key clients that fit well with our approach.”

Given the amount of progress it has already made, EDC looks well set for further expansion and award recognition in the months and years ahead.