August 24, 2019

Case study: Prihoda UK provides egg storage solution for Star Refrigeration

In a development that showcased its specialism in fabric ducting, Prihoda UK Ltd recently completed a significant project for Star Refrigeration. In this case study the company explains how it was able to come up with a suitable solution.


Prihoda UK were contacted by one of the country’s major industrial refrigeration contractors, Star Refrigeration, to help with the design of a space for conditioning eggs. The temperature range for the space was quite a generous 12oc to 20oc band – it was more important to have a consistent temperature and air pattern across the entire product for the storage period.

The building was new but already in place so it was a question of adapting to the building as it was constructed. As the space was inconsistently occupied it was decided that an industrial evaporator designed and manufactured specifically for the project would be used, rather than an AHU. Prihoda were given the air volume and had some feedback on the fan pressure created before submitting our design for the proposed air distribution system.

Using a round shaped inlet spigot with a transformation to the ellipse shaped duct (1250mm wide x 450mm deep) we then had to create a couple of 31o elbows to spread the ducts to either side of the space, next to a bulkhead dropping down. We had to establish the bulkhead height and the distance away from the duct to calculate the diffuser hole positions on the duct circumference. The system was provided with cord suspension which slides easily into the Prihoda aluminium track support system which was attached directly to the insulated ceiling. All of the bends and straight duct sections zipped together for ease.

The air pattern we specified was a little higher in velocity than we would normally suggest for an occupied space – however here, the space was only occupied briefly and occasionally. The priority was therefore air movement and distribution between the racks and pallets as opposed to occupier comfort levels, although it was still important not to have too much air speed so that the brief periods of occupancy weren’t physically uncomfortable. We selected our classic material which is flame retardant, cleanroom non-fibre shedding quality and available in nine colours and with a 10-year warranty at no additional cost.


We were able to provide a bespoke system, designed specifically to distribute air in the direction and at the velocity required for optimum design of this facility. In doing so we provided an aesthetic fabric ducting system which was a low capital cost, and easy and fast to install. This system will also be quick to remove and reinstall for maintenance purposes and we can provide the end user with a planned in-house washing service designed specifically to look after the low temperature washing and drying needs of these textile ducting systems.

Design Data

Air Volume: 4.7m3/s

External Static Pressure: 115pa

Duct Shape: Ellipse 1250mm wide x 450mm deep Duct Length: 65,000mm long each (2 number)

Material: Classic Flame-Retardant Polyester – Permeable. Material Other: Cleanroom non-fibre shedding ISO4 Material Colour: Light Blue (stock colour no additional cost)

Diffuser Style: Mix of micro-perforations and large perforations