August 5, 2021

Arco lightens the load with exclusive battery-free Sensear industrial headset

The UK’s leading safety expert, Arco, has expanded its range of innovative hearing protection equipment with the launch of the ground-breaking Sensear SM1R industrial headset.

Matt Green, Technical Sales Specialist – Hearing Protection for Arco, said: “Arco is proud to be the UK’s exclusive safety distributor of the new Sensear SM1R headset. By cleverly removing the battery and powering the headset from connection to specific two-way radios, the new headset is significantly lighter and more comfortable to wear. Additionally, the battery-free advancement also eliminates the need for extra charging which could potentially save workers valuable time and energy costs.”

U2Vuc2VhciBTTTFSIGZyb20gQXJjby5qcGc=The SM1R headset enhances users’ communication capabilities by simultaneously isolating and enhancing speech, while supressing potentially harmful background noise. This improvement has been achieved by pairing Sensear’s patented SENS ® technology with a noise-cancelling boom mic.

Matt added: “The Sensear SM1R is a high-noise communication solution that enables users to protect their hearing, while still being able to communicate effectively. Whether that is via face-to-face interaction or through two-way radios, users can still maintain 360 degree audible awareness of their surroundings.”

The noise exposure limiting headset connects the majority of leading industry two-way radios through a wired connection; it is VOX capable and is ideal for use in the manufacturing, energy, and construction sectors. There is also a version which is being certified in accordance with the ATEX Directive suitable for the Oil and Gas Sector.

The Sensear SM1R headset provides an innovative solution to tackling the serious issue of noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) in the workplace, while still providing comfort for the wearer.

Available exclusively through Arco – please contact: [email protected] for more information. For further information about Arco, visit