July 20, 2024

The Pod Factory – Strengthening its position through innovation

Thanks to a wealth of experience and a quality-led approach, MFC Modular Group have become leaders in the Irish modular construction space and is continuing to strengthen its position with an ongoing commitment to innovation.

Comprised of Metal Frame Construction and The Pod Factory, the MFC Modular Group was founded by industry experts that realised the potential of modular and metal frame construction early. From it’s inception in the early 2000’s these companies have worked with individuals and businesses around Ireland and the UK to bring the latest best construction methods and technologies to the forefront.

From garden offices and modular homes all the way school facilities and healthcare facilities MFC Modular has completed all manner and size of projects through their history. Most recently, an innovation and marketing hub was designed and delivered for construction developers, Cairn Homes, with its development in Clondalkin, County Dublin. The commercial space was developed in two months, measuring just over 100 sq m and comprising three units to be delivered and installed from County Meath.

MFC Modular Group has also designed and installed a number of residential care facilities across Ireland for companies such as the Talbot Group, and educational facilities for primary, secondary and third level educational institutions.

In 2018, modular construction in Ireland was a small industry with huge potential. Although modular construction had already been done by others in the industry, The Pod Factory came along and perfected it. By embracing innovation, they took the lead from competitors. Fully offsite construction and highly precise digital design processes ensured efficiency and attracted the freshest and best talent in the industry- something the MFC Modular Group continues to do. 

As time has passed, The Pod Factory has grown as a business, employing, office, factory and site staff in the local area across two current facilities.  MFC Modular Group’s two factories each serves a specialised function, the first produces its Light Gauge Steel and the other turns its Light Gauge Steel panels into 3D modules for its Pods – an inspirational, practical and economical type of build for the 21st century.  The company has seen demand surge in recent years which has facilitated the creation of its third facility due to open in the beginning of 2024.

They are not just an innovative construction company though, the MFC Modular Group strives to make a difference. At the heart of their design and production practices are two core ideas. Sustainability and inclusivity.

The LGS fabricated is made from 80% recycled materials and the minimal waste created is responsibly managed. The pad-style foundation also uses less concrete, requiring less raw materials and, as the Pods are built off-site and then installed, there is minimal site disruption – preserving the ecological life. The choice of materials and processes also helps to foster the circular economy in construction, limiting the future carbon footprint of all builds. In fact the company hopes to be carbon neutral by 2030.

The designs of MFC Modular Group are constantly being reworked to become more accessible to everyone in our society. Not everyone has the same needs, and it is important to factor this in while designing any project. To minimise accessibility oversights MFC Modular Group regularly consults with advocacy and care organisations.

The continued growth of the company has resulted in their current expansion, including the creation of a 7,000 sq m modular construction facility in Dunshauglin, County Meath. This facility will greatly increase the building capacity of both The Pod Factory and Metal Frame Construction, further shortening their lead times and allowing them to take on much larger projects. Most importantly it will provide a large boost to the local economy through jobs and apprenticeships.

This new facility is set to become the epicenter of modular construction within Ireland.  Producing modular homes, schools, healthcare facilities, assisted living space and all manner of other projects around the nation. It is with this facility that MFC Modular Group means to make good on their slogan and Build Our Future’.