January 17, 2021

System enhancement

GEZE has enhanced its Manual Sliding Wall (MSW) system eradicating the need for a swing door end panel so all the leaves can be hidden from sight when not in use.

The company has developed SmartGuide technology, which allows the leaves to glide easily around corners and be stored away, making it ideal for creating large open entrances or for spaces that need temporarily dividing.

MSW offers a solution that’s both aesthetic and functional and is designed for use in high traffic, public locations such as retail environments, airports, offices, conference rooms, hotels and restaurants. It is modular in design, giving architects the flexibility to tailor the design to the environment. Walls are lockable when closed, giving utmost security and can be fully or partially opened as required ensuring ease of access for all.

The SmartGuide carriage features enhanced rollers and guiding, which allows individual sections to be moved with the minimum of effort. The switching guide side on the carriage means that a swing door end panel is not required because all the leaves can be moved and stored within the stacking area.

A choice of three profile designs is available to complement the decor. Classicline profiles fit directly on to the glass at a slight angle and have a profile height of only 107 mm; Pureline profiles can easily be combined with existing systems and have a modern, angled design; while Protectline provides increased protection against glass damage such as that caused by cleaning machines.

The covers are designed to be clipped in place after the leaves have been installed meaning no drilling is required. They are available in a variety of finishes and colour schemes to reflect the interior design.

Alternatively if an all-glass solution is required, MSW can be combined with GEZE’s integrated all-glass system (IGG). The beauty of IGG is that it invisibly integrates the profiles and fitting system between the panes of glass. The inside of the pane is printed at the edge of the glass so that the fitting technology is hidden and there are no visible or bulky parts on the glass surface.

Andy Howland, sales director of GEZE UK explained that MSW can be used to create a sweeping and inviting entrance. He said: “Thanks to the SmartGuide technology, MSW can be opened up completely to create an expansive open entrance or partially opened to create a flexible space. Alternatively, MSW can be installed internally to create an attractive partition wall to temporarily separate different areas.

“For entrances, leaves usually feature glass to allow a clear line of site, while internal partitions can be screen printed to reflect the interior design or an organisation’s corporate identity.”