March 4, 2021

Saving Energy UK – Broadening horizons

After building a leading reputation within Essex since its creation in 2007, last February Saving Energy UK broadened its horizons to replicate its successful business model by launching its sister company Saving Energy Renewables North East.

The success of the venture has already been recognised with the North East organisation being named Best Green Business at the 2014 Northumberland Business Awards in only its first year of trading.

Speaking on the company’s success, Kris Laver, Operations Manager at Saving Energy said: “We are delighted at how far our North East company has come – in only such a short period of time. It is real testament to the hard work and commitment by all staff at Saving Energy to have won the accolade of the Best Green Business of the year.”

The primary mission of the company – and still very much remains the key focus – is to help vulnerable people to reduce their energy bills whilst helping to protect the environment through the installation of a variety of energy-saving measures.

In just over a year, the company has built a strong reputation both in the domestic and commercial market of the North East as a leading installer of energy efficiency measures such as solar photo-voltaic, loft and cavity wall insulation, external wall insulation, LED lighting and biomass boilers. As fully accredited installers the firm offer a full end to end service from initial consultation right through to installation of its extensive sustainable measures.

With impressive experience and an extensive portfolio, it is little wonder Saving Energy UK was able to easily transfer its impressive business model and skills set so effortlessly to another part of the country.

“We are delighted at how far our North East company has come – in only such a short period of time. It is real testament to the hard work and commitment by all staff at Saving Energy to have won the accolade of the Best Green Business of the year.”

Kris Laver, Operations Manager

Mr Laver adds: “For many years the Essex model has worked with social housing, private landlords and most London borough councils and we’re looking to replicate – and so far are successfully managing to do so – exactly that in the North-East.”

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In only a matter of months of trading in the North East, Saving Energy secured two major large-scale local commercial projects commissioned by a large private landlord and a registered charity. The projects included the installation of solar PV to almost 800 properties in one of the most deprived areas of the North East, lifting some of the region’s most vulnerable residents out of fuel poverty, whilst saving over 14 million tonnes of carbon polluting the environment.

Reporting its first annual turnover of £4m and with plans to double this is the next year, the organisation is now looking to add to its numbers to support the growth it is experiencing.

“To date the business has created 28 jobs for people from the local community and we’re aiming to employ a further 20 over the coming few months to support our growing business.” Mr Laver says, “Our plans encompass organic growth of the company, ensuring that the high quality of workmanship and customer service that we are known for in the industry remains consistently of a high standard.”

And the company has gained further recognition securing Investors in People for its commitment to providing work to the North East’s most long term unemployed and hard to reach groups. The organisation offer education and learning programmes for young people, including hard to reach groups such as reformed offenders.

Commenting on the firm’s employment opportunities, Mr Laver said: “We provide all our employees with an in-house development resource centre with the tools to encourage their personal career development with help and advice on working practices. We also pride ourselves on employing at least three apprentices a year, all of which are trained to NVQ Level 3 standard.

“We have voluntary placements that are available to the local community, as well as those looking to get a foot on the employment ladder. We’re very proactive on our corporate social responsibilities and we understand the need to create job opportunities and provide improved prospects for the long-term unemployed.”

Even with Saving Energy UK’s experience and in-house expertise, transferring any operational model to another part of the country is always fraught with challenges. It is therefore tribute to the organisation that it has been able to so successfully manage this potentially tricky process. “The key has been the quality of our installations and our work force, coupled with the diligence of our operation and the products. We used cutting edge technology that not many other companies use or implement in the same way we do. As a result we’ve managed to maximise roof spaces for clients, increasing their energy harvest dramatically using a more efficient and safer product.”

Moving forward the company are looking to create an impact in the commercial market. And having recently partnered with Lightsource – one of the leading Renewable Energy providers – they can now offer free solar systems for commercial units and domestic properties.

“We understand that solar can be a significant investment to any business or homeowner which is why this is such a great offer.” Mr Laver adds, “We already have a substantial number of commercial clients interested who want to reap the rewards of having solar to their business premises. The agreement we can offer enables our clients to install solar on their roof for free and halve their electricity expenditure during the day. It’s a welcoming addition to any business.”

With the benefits that Saving Energy UK can offer it looks well set to continue increasing the impressive momentum it has built up.