July 20, 2024

Norton Clipper launches powerful new range of battery-powered machinery

Norton Clipper, one of the UK’s most renowned abrasives specialists, is to introduce its all-encompassing range of battery-powered machinery.

As the construction industry is increasingly evolving, Norton Clipper technology has overcome the common constraints found with petrol and diesel engines in traditionally used tools – prioritising high performance, increased capabilities and user comfort.

The new range consists of:

  • CM350 B – Masonry Saw
  • CS352 B – Floor Saw
  • CT601 B – Power Float
  • CFP13 WB – Forward Compactor
  • CR11 B – Upright Rammer
  • B720 – Battery
  • C700 – Quick Charger

Utilising a high-performance brushless Honda motor combined with a Honda battery pack, the Norton Clipper battery range provides consistent and reliable performance. Each machine has a single switch operation, making start-up quick, easy and hassle-free. When it comes to connecting and switching the battery, it takes just a few seconds.

Low maintenance, minimising downtime, and providing a fume-free working environment are priorities of the Norton Clipper battery-powered range, making this new range of machines safer and cleaner and allowing operators to work indoors and outdoors.

These machines require no fuel, oil, or maintenance on common parts, such as filters and spark plugs, making them a sound investment when considering the downtime and maintenance costs of traditional machines.

The ‘one battery fits all’ solution optimises efficiency and performance without noise, vibrations, or petrol/diesel fumes. In addition, the battery-powered machinery promotes the switch to sustainable construction equipment, which can help improve safety, and air quality for workers and those working and living in the surrounding area.

The Norton Clipper battery range is designed to perform with reduced vibrations during use. This significantly improves operator comfort, thus reducing fatigue, so operators can continually use machinery for increased amounts of time with minimal strain on the user.

Further to Norton Clipper’s already vast contributions to operator comfort, the battery-powered construction machinery comes with reduced noise levels during operation, providing a more comfortable user experience. Specifically, when paired with Norton Clipper Diamond Blades, noise reduction is at its optimum and perfect for those sound-restricted areas where quiet operation is essential.

Switching to Norton Clipper battery-powered machines ensures there is no compromise to operators when moving away from petrol/diesel machines, and they can look forward to powerful and consistent high-performance, with all the additional benefits that battery technology delivers.

Ian Cornelius, Commercial Director at Saint-Gobain Abrasives, comments on the launch: “The all-encompassing range of battery-powered machines provide less noise, reduced vibrations and no fumes at all, thus enhancing ergonomics, comfort and safety. Norton Clipper’s battery-powered machinery range offers the advantage of flexibility – conveniently working in various locations, whether in confined spaces, indoors or outdoors, without the concerns associated with the risks from exhaust fumes.

“There is a huge focus on sustainability in the construction industry, and battery-powered machines are part of the solution by offering the opportunity to switch away from combustion engines on work sites.”

To learn more about Norton Clipper’s battery-powered machinery range, visit https://www.nortonabrasives.com/en-gb/newsroom/news/discover-our-new-battery-range-no-compromise-just-power, contact your local Sales Representative or call 01785 279553.