July 20, 2024

Norton Clipper introduces revolutionary new floor solutions range

Norton Clipper, one of the UK’s most renowned abrasives specialists, is excited to launch its ground-breaking range of flooring machines, tools, and vacuums.

Designed to revolutionise the industry, the Norton Clipper floor solutions range offers powerful and versatile tools that deliver unparalleled precision and performance. From floor grinding machines to wood sanding and cleaning, each surface solution is the perfect partner in any floor treatment application.

Surface preparation and grinding

Whether you require a compact machine with edge-grinding functionality like the CG 280 or a machine designed for more demanding larger jobs, such as the CG 450, the Norton Clipper floor solutions range offers a versatile selection of advanced grinding tools, offering superior efficiency and reliability.

A range of tools are available for the floor grinding machines, which are simple, easy to navigate, and reliable. Prep wings, grind wings, polish pads and finish pads are colour-coded, with quick fastening application, helping you achieve excellent results with minimal downtime.


Enhance and refine concrete floors for a super sleek and reflective finish with the Norton Clipper three-head planetary machines. When combined with compatible polish and finish pads, these machines provide the perfect solution for every step, from surface refinement to fine polishing and finishing. The compact CG 450 UNO is ideal for smaller jobs, with the larger CG550 and CG550 UNO capable of tackling larger and more demanding projects, thanks to a sturdy frame and full metal gearbox.


From deep scrubbing to delicate cleaning, the Norton Clipper CG Clean 430 is perfect for tasks like dewaxing, shining, and micro-sanding while also being gentle enough for delicate surfaces like carpets and rugs. This machine is compatible with a range of brushes and pad accessories to help you restore and maintain a range of flooring surfaces.


When restoring or maintaining wooden floors, it is crucial to have a machine that provides accuracy, quality, and superior results. The CG Wood 430 features a counter-rotating planetary sander with four heads, making it an excellent choice for pre-grinding, sanding, oiling, brushing, and finishing a range of wooden floors, including hardwood and parquet. The flexible skirt provides maximum dust extraction to help minimise dust when in operation. The CG Wood 430 is compatible with self-grip sanding discs, screenbak discs and non-woven finishing and polishing pads.

Understanding the critical role of surface preparation to achieve a smooth and even surface, this comprehensive new range represents a significant step forward in the industry. Not only do the advanced flooring solutions enhance performance, but they also contribute to a cleaner and safer work environment.

Jonathan Ziebel, Product Manager at Norton Clipper, comments: “This new range is a ground-breaking venture into the floor solutions market for Norton Clipper, offering solutions for every application, from preparation and grinding, right through to polishing, cleaning, and sanding.

“Confidence, trust and quality are in our DNA as a brand, and this innovative range isn’t just about individual tools or machines; it’s a comprehensive solution that encompasses an entire floor treatment ecosystem. This new expansion underscores our continued commitment to offering unparalleled precision and performance, delivering results you can be confident in from day one.”

To learn more about what Norton Clipper’s revolutionary new flooring solutions range can offer, visit https://www.nortonabrasives.com/en-gb/newsroom/news/confidence-day-one-new-norton-clipper-floor-solutions-range, contact your local Sales Representative, or call 01785 279553.