July 20, 2024

Mark Vitow Ltd partners with DosaFil Residential Technologies to supply merchants with revolutionary solid water treatment range

Mark Vitow Ltd, a trusted name in the UK plumbing and heating sector, has announced its official partnership with DosaFil Residential Technologies, a trailblazing company at the forefront of transforming water treatment solutions.

DosaFil Residential Technologies has harnessed its expertise in commercial water treatment to develop a range of solid chemical treatment inhibitor, cleaners, and biocide specifically tailored for residential heating and plumbing systems.

DosaFil’s solid paste format stands out when compared to traditional liquid solutions. It is significantly lighter, safer to handle and transport, eliminates the risk of leakage or spillage, requires no plastic destined for landfills, and delivers results that are just as good or even superior once applied to a system.

Matt Fletcher, Sales Director at Mark Vitow Ltd, anticipates market resonance, stating, “DosaFil Residential Technologies’ revolutionary solid water treatment range isn’t just a product; it’s a market catalyst poised to redefine industry standards as we move towards a more sustainable future. We’re excited about the positive impact this collaboration brings to our offering and the industry as a whole.”

The range includes:

  • DR1 SOLID Inhibitor Sticks: The world’s first solid inhibitor to gain NSF International CIAS certification, offering optimal protection for heating systems.
  • DR2 SOLID Cleaner Stick: An effective cleaner for new residential systems, ensuring longevity and efficiency.
  • DR3 SOLID Heavy Duty Cleaner Sticks: A robust, heavy duty cleaner for older systems designed to mobilize sludge.
  • DR4 SOLID Biocide Stick: Controls the growth of bacteria, algae, and fungi in low temperature systems such as underfloor heating.

As well as numerous benefits to installers, the DR range offers a raft of benefits over liquid solutions for stockists including a massive weight reduction for moving the product in bulk and far less space taken up on shelves and in the warehouse. Additionally, there is far less mess as the solid products completely eliminate spillage risk. The range also boasts impressive green credentials with fully recyclable cardboard packaging and proudly carries the official Made in Britain logo.

A solid and sustainable partnership

With over 35 years of supplying quality plumbing and heating products to merchants, Mark Vitow Ltd remains dedicated to their mission to provide quality, value and unbeatable service to the sector whilst having a positive impact within the plumbing industry and beyond. They see this new addition to their offering as an investment in the success of its merchant partners.

Commercial Director, James Cranham, says, “This new partnership exemplifies Mark Vitow Ltd’s continued leadership in driving innovation within the plumbing and heating industry. In essence, Mark Vitow isn’t just a supplier; we are a partner in progress for our merchants. By consistently delivering high-quality, innovative, and sustainable products, we aim to be the go-to source for our merchants and their customers, surpassing their expectations at every turn.”

John Lynch, Commercial Director of DosaFil Residential Technologies, emphasizes the significance of the partnership, stating, “Teaming up with a forward-thinking and progressive distributor such as Mark Vitow Ltd is a strategic decision grounded in their well-established reputation as the supplier of choice in the plumbing and heating market. We have full confidence that as merchants and their customers witness the numerous advantages of our high-quality solid water treatment products, it will trigger a notable shift towards sustainability, fostering reductions in emissions and will have a positive impact on curbing plastic waste.”

Exclusive merchant stocking pack available now

To mark the launch of the DR range, Mark Vitow Ltd is introducing an exclusive Merchant Stocking Pack tailored for plumbing and heating shops eager to explore its benefits with minimal investment. It includes six DR1 SOLID Inhibitor packs, three DR2 SOLID Cleaner packs, two DR3 SOLID Heavy Duty Cleaner packs and one DR4 SOLID Biocide pack – all at a discounted introductory bundle price. For more information contact [email protected] or 020 8207 3784.