August 5, 2021

GeoCeramica® a game-changer for gardens and driveways

Brett Landscaping has introduced GeoCeramica®, a new product range which integrates porcelain with an innovative pre-bonded drainage mortar base. This brand-new development in paving vastly increases the ease-of-installation and long-term durability of porcelain paving in the UK market.

Inspired by nature, GeoCeramica® is available in four beautiful variations, each coming in several colours to provide maximum design flexibility from the driveway through to the garden.

  • Impasto with its subtle veins, lines and patterns has the look of traditional Belgium Bluestone and is available in either Grigio or Noir colours. Available in 10mm and 40mm options.
  • Marmostone has been inspired by natural marble paving making it an excellent choice for the garden. Marmostone is available in Black, Grey and
    Taupe colours. Available in 10mm and 40mm options.
  • Fiordi with its textured, variegated surface is inspired by sandstone and is available in Fumo, Grigio and Sand colours. Available in 10mm and 40mm options.
  • Bluestone has an elegant, densely specked surface finish and is available in Gris Claro and Noir Puro colours. Uniquely available in 10mm and 60mm options.

GeoCeramica® paving in 40mm is ideal for use on patio’s whilst the 60mm thickness allows for its use on driveways – something that has not been possible with any other porcelain paving product in the UK.

Finally, the 10mm thick product is ideal for uniting patio paving with indoor spaces as well as for step treads and coping details.

Although porcelain has become an increasingly popular patio paving material amongst homeowners in recent years due to its durability and beauty, the dense nature of porcelain also makes it susceptible to becoming detached from the standard sand / cement mortar bases commonly used in UK construction.

This occurs when water leaks into the joints and fuels the freeze/thaw cycles common during the British winter lead to tiles coming loose.  At a stroke, GeoCeramica® makes these problems a thing of the past as well as becoming the UK’s first commercially available porcelain paving that is suitable for use on driveways.

Furthermore, the bonded base of GeoCeramica® provides integrated spacer nibs on all four sides to ensure consistently easy, rapid and accurate installation.

These benefits are all made possible by GeoCeramica®  and mean that contractors are now able to spend less on labour costs – and homeowners enjoy a better value final product.