December 1, 2021

The complete maintenance management software solution…it’s new and it’s affordable!

There is a new version of Pirana CMMS, the ever popular, cost effective, quick start-up Maintenance Software choice.  The UK No 1 solution is designed and supplied by Shire Systems.  A wealth of enhancements has been added to Mobile PRO for Android as well as for Purchasing Management.  There are new reports and an enriched reporting capability.

Pirana now includes interfacing capabilities to and from other systems, in the form of web services.

For details of these and the other numerous enhancements email [email protected] or call 023 8022 4111

Shire also delivers a range of ‘hands-on’ training courses at modern training centres, plus free ‘try-before-you-buy’ regional CMMS roadshows.   If that doesn’t convince, then there is always the fully functional free software trial.

All in all it’s the complete CMMS solution, at a realistic price.

  • Asset, Meter & Task Registers
  • Checklists & Condition Monitoring, (Servicing and Inspection)
  • Preventive & Predictive Maintenance
  • Work Scheduling & Requests
  • Materials, Inventory & Purchasing Control
  • Costs & Charges Management (Contractors)
  • Management KPIs & Reporting
  • Meet SUSTAINABILITY goals: Optimise equipment lifecycle, analyse outsourcing requirements, minimise energy usage

Easy to use and get started

One size fits all.  Pirana CMMS software is scalable.  There are no hidden costs and the interface is incredibly easy to pick up; it’s possible to get started in minutes.

A variety of Mobile platforms are supported.

Conveniently, there is a choice of setup options,

  1. On-premise
  2. Cloud
  3. Stand-alone

The price performance of Pirana CMMS just goes to prove that organisations don’t have to look towards expensive and complex systems to meet maintenance goals.

Where to Buy
For all details including products, prices and a FREE trial go to  Alternatively call 023 8022 4111.