July 20, 2024

Water filled barriers – A full range of uses

When it comes to barrier protection of the high visibility and stability kind, it’s well known that water filled barriers are a popular go-to solution offering speedy installation and flexible deployment. What’s less commonly realised though, is that there’s now an extensive range of water filled barrier products to provide the best-fit solution whatever your site, situation or safety needs.

Design debrief

Water-filled barriers are constructed from UV stabilised polythene, available in a range of high-visibility colours. Their highly durable construction offers a hollow interior which can be filled with water as ballast to offer optimum stability. 

  • Euro barriers

Available in 1 m (small) or 2m (standard) options, Euro barriers are ideal for pathway partitioning, for example to keep pedestrians safe from slower moving vehicles when creating safe zones for visitors and workers within construction sites. Euro barriers offer an interlocking pin design which allows not only for creation of complete barrier runs, but also easy pivoting to incorporate corners.

  • Standard Rhino

The standard water-filled Rhino barrier offers a robust 470kg weight when full and is compatible with SafeSite Facilities’ fencing and hoarding products, to provide a versatile barrier system suited to construction sites, traffic and outdoor event venues. The standard Rhino system allows for corners to be incorporated without gaps, so that the integrity and stability of the system run is maintained.

  • GB2 Heavy Duty Barriers

Providing enhanced design and construction for visibility, stability and safety across the UK’s highways and construction sites. GB2 heavy duty barriers can be installed to provide a full barrier runs which incorporate compatible vehicle and pedestrian gates for monitored access. One of the distinct advantages of these barriers is that, although a heavy duty 400kg when full, each barrier weighs just 36kg when empty – bringing the advantage of quick deployment with no compromise on stability once filled.

For roadside safety and site security, a water-filled barrier system may provide the right solution, so speak to SafeSite Facilities for your best fit in site safety and barrier systems – and expertise.