October 23, 2020

The Parc Eirin Project will demonstrate at scale, a model for future housing that offers consumers extra low energy bills, clean air and huge carbon savings.

The Parc Eirin project will be delivered via a partnership between Tirion Homes, POBL Group and Sero Energy. The 15-acre site is situated about 2.5km south of Gilfach Goch and 3km west of Tonyrefail, at the head of the Ely Valley and will cater for 225 homes for rent and sale. The project was awarded planning consent in 2015 and has subsequently been proposed as a low carbon development integrating innovative low carbon technology seamlessly into the building fabric. The project has been awarded funding through the Welsh Government Innovative Housing Programme to demonstrate and promote a new scalable housing model for Wales

Pobl will construct homes for sale and shared ownership, Tirion will construct homes for intermediate rent. Site preparation works are complete and house construction is planned to commence in early 2019.

Tirion Homes and Pobl, in partnership with Sero Energy, will deliver low energy systems for the entire site. Tirion is seeking to prove the commercial proposition of both low energy and modular construction techniques using innovative long term investment structures. Tirion intends to roll out the technologies across their other projects once the commercial proposition has been proven at Parc Eirin and there is sufficient capacity in the required supply chains.

For Pobl Group this builds on the success of Loftus Garden Village: a mixed tenure development in Newport that’s proved universally popular with renters and buyers. Parc Eirin is of a similar scale and will have the added benefit of the energy efficiency enhancements.

The project’s overall goal is to save people money on their home energy bills, reduce carbon in operation and provide Demand Side Response to the National Grid. The project will be driven by a combination of high efficiency housing design, on site renewable energy generation, energy storage and smart interactions with the National Grid and emerging Distribution System Operator. As a result, the homes’ energy will be managed by Sero Energy utilising innovative new self-learning energy management systems. Whilst having no perceptible impact on the occupants, Sero Energy will be able to manage system flexibility with the Grid, allowing them to help stabilise the UK’s energy profile whilst seeking to demonstrate additional value in ‘behind the meter’ generation and storage. In combination, this will allow savings to be passed on to the occupants to drive their fuel bills even closer to zero. The project will demonstrate that a more sophisticated understanding of the times of day when energy demands and generation occur, together with energy storage solutions, can likely yield better overall results.

The project is a response to the Welsh Government competition that aims to find innovative ways to reduce the impact of carbon emissions in the domestic sector, eradicate fuel poverty and deliver long term affordable homes. The flexibility of the development as an energy system will provide huge benefits in matching supply and demand to National renewable generation such as wind and solar, leading to greater deployment of these technologies.

Parc Eirin sits within beautiful surroundings where residents will walk out of their front doors and straight into the breath-taking hills and mountains of South Wales. Although located in the region’s historic industrial heartland, the site enjoys a surprising level of seclusion and tranquillity. Once developed, it will deliver high- quality low energy homes and a vibrant community, accessible to a large proportion of the population.


“Western Power Distribution (WPD) is delighted to be partnering POBL and Sero Homes in the Parc Eirin project which provides the first example of the Low Carbon Technology connected homes that are expected to be seen in the future. WPD’s role is to build and maintain an electricity network which is sufficient for today’s demands and the emerging demands of the future.

“One key area for WPD is the final service cable which takes electricity from the street into the home, and this project will allow WPD to trial / demonstrate the increased capacity this cable has to offer via better connectivity, in simple terms a sort of “superfast electricity” to use the broadband analogy.”

Peter White, WPD Policy Engineer.


“Principality has worked with Tirion as a commercial lender on The Mill but Wales’ largest Building Society acknowledges that future retail mortgage lending will need to place a greater emphasis on broader levels of affordability not least energy costs / efficiency. To that end we will be working hard with Tirion and Sero to develop a green mortgage product which shines a torch into this emerging area.”

Peter Hughes, Managing Director, Commercial, Principality Building Society.