December 11, 2019

Re-flow rising in the construction sector


Following a successful launch in the construction sector, Re-flow, the Mobile Workforce Management Software provider, has gone on to win best digital construction initiative in the Constructing Excellence Awards.

Aided by stellar case studies from two of their recent clients, Re-flow has made significant progress in developing recognition in the highly competitive sector and recent developments in the software, providing a faster system, advanced reporting and map scheduling.

Originally built for highway clients to unite field-based staff with centralised teams, the technology matched the requirements of the wider industry and was quickly adapted by a range of construction and civil engineering firms.  The command dashboard, accessed through a standard website on desktop, enables customers to quickly set up and schedule jobs, including fully customised forms, and assign them to groups or individuals. Easy access to information by employees in the field is provided on an app, simply using their smart phone or a tablet.

How Toppesfield achieved a digital transformation using Re-flow

Working outside in all weather is an expectation of the job when you’re part of construction in the UK. Having just come through a stormy Spring, we’re well aware that paperwork and field work are not a great combination, where important forms either fall victim to the wet and mud on site or kept in the back of a van for ‘safe keeping’ for a few months. Of course, teams responsible for transcribing and making sense of the information in these forms are rightfully left wanting a more cooperative and cohesive solution.

So, imagine a situation where this could all be eliminated with a simple digital transformation? That’s exactly what the UK’s largest independent surfacing contractor, Toppesfield did at the start of 2019. 

Working across highways, retail, transportation and logistics, and in seven regions across the UK, Toppesfield have extensive operations to manage across their employees, customers and communities. The impracticality of manual and paper processes is under the spotlight when the logistics of your information management are that level of complexity. 

Driven by a leadership team who are skilled in delivering change, Toppesfield began searching for a better way, leading them to Re-flow’s field management software. 

After working together for almost six months, the progress that Toppesfield made in transforming their field management process has been so inspiring, Re-flow made an exciting new case study about the journey. 

Watch the case study video here:

Sam Hennessey, Business Improvement Manager at Toppesfield, commented: “The two things that have impressed me most about Re-flow, are the support that they’ve given us, especially helping to integrate data into our existing database and that they’ve given us a system that provides complex information in a really simple way.

“In the future we hope that Re-flow replaces all of our site-based paper forms. However, we now realise that we have underestimated the capabilities of Re-flow and that it offers solutions to issues we hadn’t previously identified. We’ve been really impressed with Reflow and have already recommended it to a couple of our clients.”

Mike Saunders, Managing Director of Re-flow, added: “Working so closely with a company like Toppesfield has been an incredibly valuable experience for us, because learning more about the intricacies of what they need as a business has enabled us to learn more about how to make our solution more tailored and specific to the needs of larger highways companies.”

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