December 6, 2021

Ramboll finds the key to unlock major business performance improvement

Green Light Change (GLC), an innovative start-up that specialises in creating and sustaining high project portfolio performance with its Insight platform, has announced that an implementation for Ramboll, the £1.2bn global construction company, has gone live and is already delivering impressive productivity gains.

Working in partnership with and using award-winning technology developed by Synapse, a technology company that counts amongst its customers a leading UK high street bank and a well-known Swedish global retailer, GLC has developed Insight, a radically different solution to connected planning and forecasting.

The deployment of Insight has incorporated Ramboll’s Excel™ user interfaces into a global enterprise solution. Enhancing Excel’s well-known strengths is enabling Ramboll to build on past success and dramatically reduce the need for costly, risky business change.

L-R: Sylvia Sciuchetti Ramboll Group Senior Consultant; Sean Blencowe Green Light Change CEO; Ilektra Marazaki Ramboll Assistant Project Manager Operational Excellence

One-month post go-live the results are already impressive. According to Sylvia Sciuchetti, Ramboll Group Senior Consultant:

  • Time to build the monthly Major Projects Report has reduced from 10 days to three days;
  • The effort needed to chase data entry and deal with errors has reduced by 90%;
  • Project data is connected together in real-time and the quality is far higher;
  • ROI is predicted to be significant;
  • All stakeholders have reported that Insight has improved their workflows and saved time.

GLC’s CEO, Sean Blencowe comments: “I’m very happy that Ramboll are already reaping the benefits of Insight. The connected environment is essential for high performing project portfolios. Governance becomes simpler and more efficient. The connected data provides real-time status and forecasts, effectively enabling managers and leaders to ‘see around the corner’.”

Insight is connecting workers in the project portfolio eco-system in real-time. Managers at all levels have any-time access to exactly the data they need and are able to work with that data in a familiar manner. ‘Snap shots’ stored every month are used for trend analysis. The Major Projects Board Pack report can be refreshed and reviewed in just two minutes.

Ramboll has begun to expand the number of projects contained within Insight, a trend set to accelerate. Integration with other IT systems is planned for Q1 2019. The leadership team will gain greater insight into more projects. Business unit and group level analysis can be easily expanded giving the Board wider insight into overall status and a forecast of what’s around the corner.

David Glazier, Senior Group Director Operations at Ramboll, says: “GLC’s unique approach to connecting people in multi-project environments captured my attention. I wanted to avoid the inherent risks of adopting yet another software application. There was some scepticism that GLC’s tailored approach would work but they’ve delivered impressive results. Real-time status and forecasting are enabling all stakeholders in our project eco-system to make faster, better decisions. Effective portfolio governance is contributing to continued improvements of our bottom line and the lowering of work place stress by providing an effective early warning system that allows effective decision making and timely mitigation of issues. I’m delighted this is a trend we can now continue.”

Grant Sonne-Clifford, Global Project Excellence Lead at Ramboll adds: “Since 2015 we’ve made great strides in increasing project performance. Ramboll is now one of only 67 companies globally to be accredited by the Association for Project Management (APM). A foundational element of good project governance and reporting is data. Any organisation that lacks a solution to flow data between stakeholders at all levels has not reached peak performance. We know this is very difficult to achieve so I was intrigued by GLC’s approach of tailoring their flexible technology platform to fit our unique needs. The company showed they had very good understanding of our immediate needs and future aspirations. The results have been impressive. A very good ROI for Ramboll but more importantly we are now ‘unblocked’ from expanding our Project Excellence performance reporting programme. The future holds far greater and wider value creation for Ramboll and our clients.”

Sylvia Sciuchetti, Group Senior Consultant, Project Excellence at Ramboll, says: “Having experienced IT suppliers fail in supporting our project governance and reporting ambitions, I was reluctant to move away from our effective spreadsheet solution. Importantly, my stakeholder community had firmly adopted the spreadsheets. The big problem was that we could not scale this beyond ~100 projects or add new features. GLCs promise of keeping the spreadsheets, improving them and connecting them into an enterprise database sounded almost too good to be true! Their approach and technology had been proven in smaller projects, but we were going to be their first global client. I was very impressed with the level of commitment GLCs CEO, Sean Blencowe, gave to Ramboll. His team worked closely with my team and our stakeholders. After a busy four months we were live, with a fully tailored global solution and all stakeholders engaged. In the first month after going live the time to compile our monthly board pack has dropped from 10 days to three days. The effort to chase missing data and fix errors had dropped by 90%. This is only the beginning. I am excited about the future as we add many more projects and new features. It’s wonderful not to be restricted by inflexible software applications.”