January 18, 2021

Quiet Mark awarded Armourcoat Acoustic creates ‘Quiet Space’

February 2019, UK: Armourcoat Acoustic created a ‘quiet space’ to present at this year’s Surface Design Show, in order to highlight the benefits of their acoustic plaster system. The company also featured speakers and presentation to the 2019 Surface Design Award winners among the main stage.

The system comprises of a special mineral wool composite panel that is bonded onto the substrate and finished with a seamless layer, presenting an elegant marble-based plaster finish while allowing sound energy to pass through the surface.

The Armourcoat stand focused on creating a ‘quiet zone’ at the show using the new acoustic plaster system recently granted the Quiet Mark Award – the international mark of approval from the Noise Abatement Society Charitable Foundation. Through its pioneering acoustic tests, Quiet Mark awards its distinctive Purple Q Mark to products and services that show excellence in low-noise and high performance.

Poppy Szkiler, Founder and Managing Director of Quiet Mark, shared seasoned insights as a third-generation noise reduction campaigner on the main stage, discussing acoustic solutions for a noisy world. Armourcoat were also delighted to support the 2019 Surface Design Awards, sponsoring the ‘Sustainability’ categories.

Poppy comments: “We welcome Armourcoat to the growing family of global organisations that are prioritising investment in acoustic research to create quieter solutions, as recognised by the Quiet Mark award. Armourcoat’s innovative acoustic plaster system performs to the highest building standards and incorporates special wool composite. This delivers excellent noise reduction properties and minimises the unnecessary intrusion of unwanted sound into our buildings, allowing the creation of a peaceful and supportive aural environment in our homes and places of work.