January 26, 2021

NVP Energy – Double award success

NVP Energy, a clean-tech company with an innovative technology that can turn wastewater into a revenue generator for end users in the municipal and industrial wastewater industries, was recently the recipient of two prestigious awards from the UK Water and Energy sectors not to mention a substantial grant from the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change.

On 21 April, NVP Energy beat off stiff competition to be announced the winner of the Most Innovative New Technology of the Year award at the Water Industry Achievement (WIA) Awards in Birmingham. The WIA Awards, now in their ninth year, is the only awards ceremony of its kind that rewards outstanding innovation in the UK Water industry, in particular technologies that are seen to be breaking new ground and exceeding customer expectations.

Fresh from winning that award, NVP Energy then went on to win its second innovation award in two days when it was announced the winner of the Innovation Award for Energy from Waste at the Environment & Energy (E&E) Awards on 22 April. The 16th annual E&E Awards, which were held at the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham, recognised the top UK and Irish companies who push the boundaries of innovation and showcase the very best advancements in green technologies.

According to Michael Murray, Managing Director: “Our success in winning both these awards against a very standard of competition is a vindication of the unique and innovative nature of the Lt-AD technology. They really reinforce the technological and environmental benefits the Lt-AD technology can bring to the global wastewater and energy industries.

“We have since had some very tangible meetings with end-user customers about the possibility of working with them since winning the awards. Accolades of this nature are a great pat on the back but if you can’t get some sales or other activity out of them then they’re of little benefit. Thankfully they’ve been very useful in helping to raise our profile within the markets we’re targeting, particularly within the industrial dairy, brewery and distillery sectors, as well as meat processing. The top 12 private water utility companies in the UK are also very interested in our system, so we’re seeing a high volume of opportunities at the moment.

“As for what makes our system so unique, the majority of low strength wastewater treatment plants employ the 100-year-old energy demanding Activated Sludge Process (a conventional aerobic process) to treat their wastewater. This treatment technique is no longer a sustainable form of treatment due to its high energy and fossil fuel usage, carbon emissions and excess sludge production. Lt-AD on the other hand has a compact modular design, requires no aeration or heat input (passive system), produces negligible sludge volumes, can produce effluent of discharge standard & generates valuable biogas that is 100 per cent available for reuse making it a revenue generator for the client. This allows us to achieve short payback periods for our municipal and food and drink customers.”

In addition to this impressive recognition, NVP Energy is one of the few companies to be successfully awarded the Energy Entrepreneurs Fund (EEF) Phase 4 from the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) thus further reinforcing the high calibre of the Lt-AD technology.

NVP Energy2jpg

The EEF grant will financially support the delivery of a full scale Lt-AD reactor at a UK Food & Drinks wastewater treatment plant by March 2016. Speaking after the signing of the offer letter, Mr Murray said: “This is a hugely important milestone for NVP Energy as it us deploy the Lt-AD technology at full-scale at a time when wastewater treatment plant operators are seeking new superior wastewater treatment technologies to replace their outdated energy-intensive systems.”

Once the project is complete, the reactor will showcase the Lt-AD system and the commercial benefits to the target markets (Food & Drink wastewater; Municipal wastewater) as prospective end-users and delivery partners will be able to visit the site during the project and witness the benefits of the technology at first hand for themselves. NVP Energy are currently seeking international delivery partners and Tier 1 contractors with experience in wastewater design and project delivery in the Food & Drinks industries and the municipal WW sector.

These recent awards and grant successes follow the success NVP Energy had at the start of the year when it was one of only 155 companies out of 2,662 companies throughout Europe to be awarded EU Horizon 2020 SME funding.