February 24, 2020

The Wow Show provides young people with a glimpse inside the world of work in the construction industry

Broadcast live on YouTube and into classrooms around the country last Wednesday, The Wow Show is a careers focused initiative that dives deep into the world of work in order to provide young people with a realistic view of what a job in the featured sector might look like.

The latest episode focuses on the construction industry and the wide variety of jobs the sector has to offer, and uses a mix of mini documentaries, reporter-led films and curated insights. Also featuring video diaries filmed by young apprentices on their own smart phones, the show is designed to break down myths and challenge perceptions surrounding the industry, demonstrate that it has fulfilling career opportunities wherever a young person’s interest lies, and is genuinely open to all and accessible everywhere.

The show is made up of a 20-minute episode shot all around the country, from Sherford and London, to Newcastle and Glasgow, followed by a 15-minute live Q&A with a panel of industry experts. Two schools were hooked up via live feeds so that students could speak to the panel live in London and ask them their questions directly.

Between now and 2022 the construction industry requires 150,000 new workers to join the industry, initiatives like The Wow Show are a great way to inspire the younger generation and get them thinking about what a career in construction might look like for them.