February 26, 2020

New accreditations for Exova Willenhall

Exova, the specialist fire and security testing provider, is currently the first and only testing body in the UK accredited to provide TS008 letterplate testing, alongside three other new accreditations.

Following a recent UKAS audit at the Exova laboratory in Willenhall, TS008 testing has been added to its wide scope of security standards accreditations. Following involvement in developing the new standard, which aims to combat ‘fishing style’ burglaries, the expert team will be offering the testing service to manufacturers and developers.

In addition, the testing lab also now has accreditation for:

  • Enhanced security performance requirements for doorsets and windows in the UK;
  • 2012 – Windows and doors. Resistance to repeated opening and closing on pivoting doorsets, horizontal sliding doorsets, casement windows, & vertical sliding windows;
  • 2015 – Building hardware. Cylinders for locks. Requirements and test methods.

Door & Window Laboratory Manager, Mark West, comments: “Exova is leading the way in door and window testing in the UK and has some of the foremost expertise in the industry, having been instrumental in the development of the TS008 test.  The enhanced TS008 standard, which falls within the PAS24:2016 standard for domestic security, is mandatory for new dwellings and manufacturers will need to confirm compliance, so we are well placed as the only lab that can offer this test.

“The three other accreditations confirm our position at the forefront of the industry and are a further example of the expertise held within Exova and our ability to provide technically demanding services in response to customer demand.”

The TS008 letterplate testing aims to combat burglaries where thieves ‘fish’ for keys via the letterbox, or enter the house via manipulation of a thumb turn.  The UK Building Regulations’ Document Q requires all new and change of use dwellings to comply with security standards.

Exova provides security testing of external doors and windows, to PAS24 and European burglary resistance standards.   The expert teams provide assessments of security performance based on existing test evidence and agreed principles.