January 16, 2021

New 2018 Editions of Domestic Subcontracts DOM1 and DOM2 now available from Construction Industry Publications

This new 2018 Editions of Sub-Contracts DOM/1 and DOM/2 have been published in two parts: the Articles of Agreement with the important Appendix (Contract Particulars) entries, and the Sub-Contract Conditions. These are available to purchase from Construction Industry Publications www.cip-books.com, prices start from £45.00 + vat.

DOM/1 is appropriate for use with the JCT Standard Building Contract 2016 Edition and DOM/2 is appropriate for use with the JCT Design and Build Contract 2016 Edition.

In summary there are many instances where minor adjustments are made to obligations and time limits which make, when compared to the JCT Standard Contract, DOM/1, to a greater extent, more contractor friendly.

The main areas of difference are:

  • The JCT SBCSub/A (Agreement) and SBCSub/C (Conditions) are suitable for use generally with the JCT Standard Building contracts but only where the Sub-contractor is not required to design. However, as the JCT sub-contract does not include a Sub-Contractor Design Portion the Contractor must use the full design version of the JCT Sub-contract if it wishes to sub-contract any element of the Main Contract Contractor’s Design Portion. DOM 1 is suitable for use with the JCT Standard Building main contracts but includes a full Sub-Contractor Design Portion with detailed provisions for operation;
  • Both DOM contracts allow for sectional completion of Sub-Contract work;
  • Also, the DOM1 and DOM2 have clear and easy to understand payment terms that are more contractor friendly.

The new contracts can be purchased from www.cip-books.com.

Call 0870 078 4400 or visit www.cip-books.com for more information.