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Lucideon to host webinar on the effects of powder milling on performance

Lucideon, the materials development and commercialization organisation, is hosting a webinar titled ‘The Effect of Powder Milling on Performance’ on Thursday 7 September at 15:00 UK time, 10:00 EDT.

The webinar, which will be hosted by Dr Adam Healey, technical consultant at Lucideon, will explore several different milling techniques and their associated advantages and disadvantages.  Adam will also discuss a number of case studies where altering the milling process has been instrumental to project success.

Dr Adam Healey said: “Powder milling is a common starting point for numerous different applications and is crucial to achieving the best end products.  If your starting materials are wrong, this will show throughout the manufacturing process and on into the finished product.

“In this webinar I will be looking at key characteristics that we look for in milled powder for ceramic manufacturing applications and the methods and techniques that can be applied to achieving the best results.”

Lucideon provides materials consultancy, testing and characterization and materials technologies to a range of industries.  Lucideon’s experts work closely with industry partners who utilize powder milling to help them understand and optimize their processes.  They help manufacturers become more efficient and consistent through understanding their key parameters and implementing quality control measures.

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